TikTok aims to increase video lengths again

A new update is coming from Tiktok. The user will now be able to shoot longer videos on Tiktok, and this update will also increase Tiktok’s advertising revenues.

TikTok, which has a large user base around the world, will soon make a new update about video durations.

TikTok, one of the most popular platforms of recent years, continues to be updated with new features. This application, which has a very large audience, increased video loading times to three minutes in its last update. Now, the company is preparing to increase this period a little more.

TikTok will apparently make another leap in video load times. According to a recent report, the Chinese company will increase the video durations to 5 minutes with the next update.

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TikTok will increase video durations to 5 minutes

According to social media commentator Matt Navarra, the company is testing an innovation that will increase video times to five minutes. Sharing a screenshot of an account update with the tweet below, Navarra confirms that the video duration will be extended with the notification here. Here is the full notice sent by TikTok:

The message sent to the user by TikTok is as above. It seems that the company will implement this expected innovation with an update to be released in the coming days. Users will be able to shoot longer videos this way and will definitely be comfortable with the duration.

TikTok’s adventure to increase video times does not last long. The Chinese company began testing in December to increase the 60-second limit to three minutes. Then, in July, this innovation was presented to users. Now, the platform will support this time up to 5 minutes, exceeding all three minutes. We anticipate that the update will likely be released in a few weeks.

Matt Navarra informed his followers about this with his posts on Twitter. In fact, this update reveals that Tiktok will grow even more and may become Youtube’s biggest competitor in the future.

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