Tiamat Legion Medusa radically transforms into a dragon

Reptilian-obsessed banker wants penis removed to become ‘sexless dragon’ He spent a fortune transforming into a Dragon!

Tiamat Legion Medusa, 60, has so far spent £61,000 on becoming a “reptoid”, but now wants to become the world’s first ‘genderless dragon’ by having their penis removed.

Spent a fortune to get the dragon skin! Now she has decided to be gender neutral.

Tiamat legion medusa radically transforms into a dragon 1 gmspors

A reptile-fixated previous broker needs to turn into the world’s first “genderless mythical serpent” by having their penis eliminated.

Tiamat Legion Medusa, 60, from Texas, US, has spent more than £61,000 on alteration medical procedures including ear expulsion, tongue parting, emasculation and incalculable tattoos.

Army, who was conceived Richard Hernandez, says their affection for outrageous body alterations began after a fantasy during the 1980s about a snake chomp, which they accept transformed them into a “reptoid”.

Army, a previous VP of a bank, said: “[In the dream] I ended up encompassed by snakes, all things considered, and the snakes were all tearing into me and I was especially apprehensive, yet as the fantasy went on and they continued to mess with me, I could see that I was not being harmed by them or their nibbles.

Known as the Tiamat Legion Medusa, Richard Hernandez gave up her banking career to become the “Dragon Lady”. Hernandez, who has a special love for reptiles since childhood, has spent £61k on body modifications over the years.

Tiamat legion medusa radically transforms into a dragon gmspors

After working as a bank manager for years, Richard Hernandez moved to America and decided to change his life. Hernandez, who lives in Los Angeles, got a brand new look with an extreme make-up after ear removal and tongue separation surgery. Afterwards, Hernandez, who decided to have sex reassignment surgery, received hormone therapy, but now he prefers to be genderless, saying that he does not want his penis.

Stating that she is in the process of desexualization, Hernandez said, “My final choice is to be called simply ‘it’, just like my own kind of snakes. My metamorphosis is not over.” said.

Mentioning that he had undergone a transformation to look like a snake, Hernandez had 18 horns implanted in the upper part of his head and had the bones in the ear and nose removed. He had his six teeth extracted and dyed the white part of his eyes green. Saying that he was inspired by the character of Voldemort in Harry Potter, Hernandez plans to complete his transformation by 2025.

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