Tia Carrere (Sydney Fox) was considered too “exotic” and “ethnic” at the start of her career

Sydney Fox star Tia Carrere referred to her early career in Hollywood, where she was seen as too “exotic” or “ethnic”, in an interview with Variety.

Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo, known professionally as Tia Carrere, is an American actress, singer, and former model who makes her big break as a regular on the daytime soap opera General Hospital.

After leaving Hawaii to settle in Los Angeles, Tia Carrere rose to fame by joining the cast of the soap opera Central Hospital in 1985. A role that allowed her to be recruited later in Wayne’s World, then l’aventurière, especially on Sydney Fox.

Series of adventures available on Salto and MyCanal. Parallel to her small-screen career, the actress has also made several film appearances and even lent her voice to Nani in the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch. Alongside Jo Koy and Tiffany Haddish, who will star in the Easter Sunday comedy, she recently relied on the racism she experienced at the start of her career.

Tia carrere sydney fox was considered too exotic and ethnic at the start of her career 2 gmspors

Tia Carrere’s secrets on the racism she was a victim of

Amid the promotion of her new comedy Easter Sunday , the actress told American magazine Variety that she was seen as too ” exotic ” at the start of her Hollywood career in the 1980s . “When I came here [to Hollywood, editor’s note], people were like, ‘What are you? Chinese? Japanese?’ They didn’t even know the Philippines.

My hair was short and I had to wear a long wig because I was going to get these kinds of roles where I just had to work with a Chinese accent. At my best, I said, ‘It was really great, but we don’t think this role would suit an ethnic person.’ You can’t have that today (…) Let the best win today, regardless of ethnicity.”

Tia carrere sydney fox was considered too exotic and ethnic at the start of her career 1 gmspors

What will happen to Sydney Fox’s heroine, Tia Carrere?

After the arrest of adventurer Sydney Fox in 2002, Tia Carrere posed nude for Playboy before participating in the second season of the American version of Dancing with the Stars. The actress continued to appear on television, including Newport Beach in 2006 and Nip/Tuck in 2007.

In the same year, he released an album called Hawaiiana, which earned her a Grammy nomination in the category of Best Hawaiian Album. Tia Carrere continued her career on the big and small screen, notably in the Netflix series AJ and the Queen, and more recently in the movie Easter Sunday. On the special side, the actress had a daughter named Bianca in 2005 from a relationship with photojournalist Simon Wakelin, whom she married in 2002.

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