Thierry Henry challenged the racists, I’m out

Thierry Henry, the French coach and football legend, announced that he will close his social media accounts due to lack of action against racism. Henry made a stern statement on the matter: I’m gone until the precautions are taken and the order changes!

Thierry Henry challenged the racists!

Thierry Henry has now made clear his attitude towards racists. The former football player, who got angry after the increasing racism on social media, expressed his attitude sharply.

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French coach and former star football player Thierry Henry announced that he will shut down social media platforms due to insufficient measures against “racism and cyberbullying”. Especially the racist posts on social media for many football players in England were the last point that exhausted Henry’s patience. Stating that the measures and penalties taken were not deterrent, the French legend shared the following statement:

Racism, bullying, and mental torture of individuals are too toxic to ignore. Accountability is imperative here. It’s pretty easy to create an account and harass from there. Until this changes, I’ll disable my accounts.

Thierry Daniel Henry is a former French football player of Antilles origin. Henry was born and raised in Les Ulis, Essonne, one of the suburbs of Paris, where he played for his local team and showed himself to be a very promising footballer in his youth.

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