They were watched by millions for an april prank in tiktok gmspors

They were watched by millions for an April prank in Tiktok

The brutal April 1 prank that the US TikTok phenomenon made to its sister went viral.The phenomenon that gave her sister moments of horror recorded and published these moments within seconds.

The brutal April 1 joke made its mark on the social media platform TikTok.

April 1 is over. Thousands of jokes were made in many parts of the world. However, one of them made its mark on social media.

The April 1 joke of the two sisters of the TikTok phenomenon living in the USA was soon watched by nearly 14 million people.

One of the sisters scared the other with her allergy, causing interesting images to emerge.

Knowing that her brother had a peanut allergy, Fatima started shouting, “She has peanuts in it” while she was having a snack.

They were watched by millions for an april prank in tiktok gmspors

The American Tiktok Phenomenon Fatima

@iconicgreen1Her face at the end😭😭##DontSweatIt ##foryou ##iconicgreen1 ##pranks ##siblings♬ original sound – Fatima🌺

Anisa, who was allergic to this, started screaming in panic. The moments when Anisa was deceived were reflected in the phone camera placed inside the car every second.

Her sister made Anisa, who was looking at her face with the filter she opened on the phone, to see swelling due to allergies on her face.

naturally, Anisa experienced great panic for a short time. The video went viral within 24 hours and received close to 2.5 million likes.