Theo Hernandez’s girlfriend Zoe Cristofoli pissed off Milan fans

Milan’s star actress Theo Hernandez’s lover Zoe Cristofoli’s latest post caught the extra attention of fans. The famous model printed her photo of her love on the phone case. Milan fans, on the other hand, criticized Cristofoli for this sharing.

The love of Italian models Cristofoli and Theo Hernandez continues at full speed. Theo Hernandez, who continued to play in the Milan football team, managed to annoy Milan fans with a post he shared on his girlfriend’s social media account. Sexy Woman Cristofoli gained great popularity with her photo on her Instagram account and managed to piss off some people.

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The famous couple have been together for a long time and share loving posts on social media.

A detail in the last post of the tattooed beauty did not escape the attention of Milan fans.

Cristofoli was seen printing a photo of him with Theo Hernandez on the phone case.

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While the post was very talked about, fans found this cover strange and criticized it. The beautiful model, who has 800 thousand followers on Instagram, fascinates with her bold shares.

Shares of the model, which generally shares fashion, are breaking records. The model draws attention especially with its tattoos.

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Zoe Cristofoli, girlfriend of Theo Hernandez

The latest sharing of Zoe Cristofoli, lover of Milan’s star actress Theo Hernandez, was very talked about.

Cristofoli, who managed to attract the attention of many people with the photos he shared on his Instagram account, continues to gain followers rapidly in recent days.

The hot model, who managed to increase her popularity even more thanks to the love she had with the famous football player, also states that she has a very good relationship with her boyfriend.

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Opening January 7: Covid-19 allows. Meanwhile, anticipation and curiosity about Ink Studio Lagrange rise.

Senior tattoo studio, 24-year-old model Zoe Cristofoli’s latest idea, adopted Milanese and born Veronese got engaged to Milan watchman Theo Hernandez. Its partners will be Antonluca Papaleo, owner of the Corrado Lagrange shoe store, and Simone Camolese, owner of some of the clubs in the city.

Bu gönderiyi Instagram'da gör

ZOE CRISTOFOLI (@zoe_cristofoli)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Zoe Cristofoli has 800,000 fans on her Instagram. She has many tattoos on his body which are a true manifestation of body painting art.

In the name of an attractive and modern design in the style of New York tattoos, the 100 square meter Ink Studio Lagrange found its place in Via Lagrange, on the mezzanine floor of the building in front of Rinascente.

There will be four resident tattoo artists and one guest guest. The restaurant focuses on a high market target in order to offer quality tattoos but not too high.

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