World Under Threat, Big Meteor Is Coming

A meteorite, twice the size of the famous Big Ben clock tower in London, named by astronomers ‘2009 BH2’, will cross the world today. The 200-meter meteorite is 4.5 million kilometers away, which is considered to be ‘too close’ by astronomical measurements.

The meteorite twice as big as Big Ben is fast approaching Earth.

The meteorite threat that NASA has reported for days is approaching. The meteorite that is rapidly approaching the world is expected to pass through the tangent.NASA’s meteorite tracking unit began investigating an asteroid that could hit our planet. In the event of a possible collision there will be a great deal of energy and this is not very pleasing for us.

According to those who emerged, the probability of a celestial body called 2010 RF to hit the Earth in 100 years period was announced as 5.3 percent.

2010 RF is being reviewed by NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). It has a system called CNEOS Sentry and thanks to this system it automatically tracks asteroids.
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The World Is Not Ready For This Threat

When it comes into contact with the atmosphere, it will reach a speed of 44 thousand kilometers. Approximately 500 tons of rock will hit the Earth with this speed. According to Sentry, this collision will have 9 thousand tons of TNT effect.Among the details described is the asteroid 7-meter paint. 2010 RF, too heavy for its height, can be lost when it collides with the atmosphere.Nasa reported that they were following carefully for Meteorite, which poses a great threat to the world.

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