The women of this tribe are walking naked!

The women of this tribe are walking naked! Ways of getting pregnant are even more interesting than they are

There are many tribes living on earth. One of them is the Himba Tribe. The Himba tribe has a nomadic life, an ethnic group living in Namibia. They are also known as the ‘Tribe of Naked Women’ because the women of this tribe walk naked. The most interesting of the tribe’s tens of features is the way women get pregnant. If a woman wants to conceive, she sits under a tree and communicates with her unborn child by singing, and after a while she becomes pregnant.

The tribe, which came to the extinction stage due to a great cattle epidemic in the 19th century, moved to the south and discovered different regions to survive.
They draw attention to their interesting tribal life. Could African tribes, who had a social life far from technology, be the first ancestors of humanity?


The Himba tribe, which has a nomadic life, is an ethnic group living in Namibia. In this tribe, men take care of animals, while women focus on their daily work. The tribe, which lived in isolation from the outside world, also managed to keep their traditions alive until this time.

The red skin of the women is also one of the most striking features of the tribe. They go out in this way, applying a mixture they prepared to protect themselves from the sun, all over their body.

They cut a special stone into small pieces and mix it with oil. They warm this mixture slightly and apply it to their body. Young girls living here wear a crown made of cow or goatskin on their heads.


Only adolescent girls wear it. In this tribe, women are not allowed to bathe.
This rule goes back to times when water was not abundant. The women wash their clothes and themselves with a smoke in which some plants and tree parts are burning.

The characteristics and cultures of this tribe have not been fully resolved yet. Tribe members are involved by both mother and father. The Himba tribe is led by the oldest member.

The most interesting feature of this tribe is the interesting way the women of the tribe used to get pregnant. The age of the children in the tribe is not determined by the time they were born.

The first song the baby sings to his mother, who wants to come to the world, starts the first communication between them. The expectant mother becomes pregnant by teaching this song to her husband.

This first communication is considered to be the most important date in determining the age of the child. So much so that this song is important in every aspect of the child, from birth to life.

The baby is born with this song. The future achievements are also celebrated with this song. In fact, when he cries, he is consoled and calmed down by this song.


One interesting feature of the tribe is that instead of punishing a child if she commits a crime later in life, all the tribal members sing it to her own song to remind her who she is.

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