The viral tiktok song about jimmy kimmel menthol soap gmspors

The viral TikTok song about Jimmy Kimmel, Menthol Soap

Jimmy Kimmel invited the Dawes group to sing the viral TikTok song about Menthol Soap, Surprising Couple ‘I Washed My Ass Again With Menthol Soap’ in ‘Kimmel’.

The viral tiktok song about jimmy kimmel menthol soap gmspors

Duston Baker was scrubbing down when he went after the cleanser and got menthol cleanser rather than the ordinary kind. He proceeded to compose and sing a tune about the awkward experience. Duston’s significant other, Riley caught her better half performing “I Washed My Ass With Menthol Soap Again” and posted the video on TikTok which became famous online. Jimmy Kimmel invited the couple on Tuesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and shocked them by having Dawes play the melody that made the Bakers stars on the web.

Jimmy Kimmel has enrolled musical crew Dawes to cover a melody from a viral TikTok about menthol cleanser, astounding the makers in question – and it is similarly pretty much as insane as it sounds.

Everything started when Duston Baker was washing up, and as opposed to getting typical cleanser, he got menthol cleanser that his significant other had unintentionally purchased for him. Obviously, utilizing the cleanser was especially awkward for poor Duston, inciting him to concoct his own melody about the horrible experience.

The melody is silly, shockingly appealing, and includes the verses “Indeed, I worked the entire day and I worked throughout the evening, I wanna return home and feel okay however something has me shaking in my skin, I opened it up and slathered it on, presently I’m staying here singing this tune, I washed my butt with menthol cleanser once more.”

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Menthol Soap Tiktok Trend

Riley disclosed to Kimmel she had a simple 25 adherents on TikTok when she posted the clasp. The video has been seen more than 8,000,000 times and Riley currently has more than 50,000 supporters. Duston and Riley talked about the circumstance with Jimmy as the spouse noted, “I saw god for a smidgen and we had a visit and he propelled me to compose the melody.” He uncovered he sings the tune each time he cleans up.

Duston clarified his loved ones presently consider him the “menthol man.” While he generally sought to turn into a hero, this wasn’t by and large the manner in which he intended to break into the business. Kimmel proceeded to introduce a “Porcelain Record” to the pair to pay tribute to their accomplishment.

Watch the Baker’s appearance including Dawes’ “I Washed My Ass With Menthol Soap Again” execution beneath: