The Truth of Tiktok User Isabella Guzman Killed Her Mother

The Incident of Killing the Mother of Isabella Guzman, nicknamed ‘Sweet But Psychopath’ in the media, became a subject of curiosity on social media again.

18-year-old Isabella Guzman was on the agenda of the world press after she brutally murdered her mother in their home in Aurora.

According to court documents, Isabella Guzman stabbed her mother 79 times, including in the head, neck and torso upstairs in their home.

The story of “TikTok killer” Isabella, who stabbed her mother 79 times for a simple fight

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Isabella Guzmán was 18 when police accused her of brutally murdering her mother, Yun Hi Moy, after she stabbed her 78 times in the face, neck and torso at her home in Aurora, east of Denver. The stepfather was at home at the time, and when she went to the crime scene, he found Isabella lying on the ground with a knife next to Yun’s body.

The events that shocked the USA took place in 2013. When Isabella was caught, she ran away from home to avoid being caught, but was to be arrested the next day. Young and mother had a “little” marital quarrel. After the disagreement, Isabella emailed the 47-year-old woman, threatening her and saying she would “pay” for the dispute. The next day, while Yun was taking a bath, her daughter repeatedly attacked her with a knife.

In the summer of 2014, doctors confirmed that Isabella suffered from schizophrenia and suffered from very disturbing delusions for years. She didn’t believe she killed a woman named Cecellia, supposedly to save her mother, not the world. Therefore, at that time, the prosecutor assured him that she would remain in the public hospital until he no longer posed a threat to himself or to society.

Earlier this year, seven years later, the teen said she was “ready” to return to society, in addition to admitting to being sexually abused by a hospital worker.

A judge ruled that with the GPS tracker she would be “allowed to leave the hospital for group therapy and other types of therapy.” In recent months, her story has gone viral again as it appeared on the TikTok social network.

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