The truth behind the VIRAL VIDEO of La Nina from TikTok Mayengg03 and why you shouldn’t watch it

The truth behind the VIRAL VIDEO of La Nina from TikTok Mayengg03 and why you shouldn’t watch it? The true story of this publication, which has had a great impact among internet users recently.

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Dark theories and recordings often circulate on the Internet and quickly go viral. Recently, a video has flooded social media users with questions and prompted a search for “La Nina de TikTok,” but why do people want to know more about it? If you browse through some YouTube channels you will find many references mentioning the “Mayengg03” post and saying it shouldn’t be seen for any reason.

Those who have seen the trending video since yesterday describe it as something terrible and want it to be stopped. At first you can see a girl of Asian descent dancing on TikTok. However, the background of this article is disturbing.

Initially, as explained, the young woman appears to be dancing to the beat of StarBoi3 & Doja Cat’s song “I’m go in thisnight”, but this only lasts a few seconds, as a brutal death scene is shown immediately. . It is not known for certain who she is, whether it is the same girl or someone else. “Youtuber” Jesus Campoz explains that this cover is about a “smoke screen.”

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According to this creator’s theory, the girl in the second part of this post has nothing to do with the horrific murder committed by user “Mayengg03” via TikTok, but also shared on Facebook. Rumor has it that it would originate somewhere in Central America in 2015, and it’s a bit of a showdown. It should be noted that the account is inactive and the video is blocked.

While the eyewitnesses of its content emphasize that its content is very strong and should be avoided, they also warn parents to be aware of what their children consume on social networks, because at some point they may come across and be deceived by its cover. girl. They also state that it may contain viruses and put information on our computers, laptops and mobile phones at risk.

Video How to Go to Hell by Ronnie McNutt: This is a live stream of suicides on Facebook about TikTok, an app that couldn’t be uninstalled because thousands of users had uploaded clips that went viral. On August 31 last year, 33-year-old Ronnie McNutt committed suicide with a gun. Like in “La Niña de TikTok Mayengg03” there is a miniature of a bearded man talking on the phone, but clicking on it shows the actual content.

Video 1444 : Inside you can see another suicide. Despite only being posted for four hours on YouTube, the video circulating in other media showing how a young man committed suicide with an AK 47 gun is said to be 18-year-old Korablev Gleb Vyacheslavovich on the networks. student in Moscow.

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