The tragic memory of Lee Ryan, who witnessed the suicide of two people

The tragic memory of Lee Ryan, who witnessed the suicide of two people: I thought I was going to die young. Lee Rya shares his most tragic memory in his life.

Lee Ryan, the famous lead singer of the legendary band Blue, told about his terrible memories in his youth on a podcast program he attended. After suffering a severe trauma after two deaths he witnessed, Lee Ryan said he believed he would live fast and die young.

Lee Ryan, lead singer of Blue, who was a guest on The Family Business podcast, talked about his terrible experiences during his youth. The 37-year-old singer, who got derailed after the fame she caught in the Blue group, attributed this to two serious incidents and substance addiction she witnessed in her youth. Stating that the events he experienced left great marks on him, Ryan stated that this situation really affected him.

They killed Lee Ryan’s friend in front of him

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Recalling the incident that took place outside his home in Plumstead, southeast London during the program, Ryan said, “I was watching a movie and it’s’ plug and play, what is that?” He said the rest of the incident as follows: “I looked out and saw my friend lying on the ground holding his shoulder. His father came out with a rifle, walked to the middle of the road and fired another hand. The girl stood up and ran away, then turned and was shot in the head at that moment.”

Speaking about another incident that took place near his home, Ryan talked about a woman who was killed in her apartment block. “I think I had a lot of things to deal with when I was growing up and then I became famous. It’s not a good mix,” Ryan said. said.


Saying that the famous movie actress James Dean has adopted the ‘live fast, die young’ approach, Ryan said that he convinced him that he will die young with the effect of his bad memories and substance addiction. He also added that he believes he will be part of Club 27 (a list of mostly popular musicians, artists, and actors who all died at the age of 27).

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