The Simpsons’ prophecy of ‘US Capitol Invasion’ shock effect in 2021

Knowing that Donald Trump will be elected president, The Simpsons series came to the fore with the release of similar scenes from the Capitol occupation in the USA this time.

The world-famous cult cartoon Simpsons continues to be the subject of social media with its prophecies.

Fans of the legendary animated series pointed out that the series also knew the latest situation in the USA. A side-by-side image of a naked demonstrator wearing a helmet and a man wearing a helmet that says “Governor” at The Simpsons, during the incident when Trump supporters raided the Capitol in Washington … the images most shared on social media.

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The Simpsons TV series knew the White House attack

The ‘horned man’ who raided the US Congress (He has participated in many shows before)

Another one of the most shared images on social media was a photo of the man who stole the rostrum from the looters who entered the Congress building and a scene from the scene where Homer Simpson played a statue.

Jake Angeli is actually a recognized face from pro-Trump shows with his tattoos on his body and his face painted in the colors of the American flag. Jake Angeli, 32, is an actress and a singer on her social media account.

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Jake Angeli, the ‘horned man’ who drew attention with his costume during the Congress raid organized by Donald Trump supporters in the USA, argued that he did not do anything wrong. Angeli has likened herself to Gandhi and Martin Luther King, describing the Congress raid as a victory.

The ‘horned man’ who raided the US Congress speaks: He compared himself to Gandhi

Jake Angeli, the “horned man” who is stated to be one of the organizers of the Congressional pressure organized by the supporters of Donald Trump in the USA, spoke to NBC. 33-year-old Angeli, who draws attention with the horn and fur she wears half-naked on her head, compared herself to Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

“What I did was civil disobedience,” said Angeli, a member of the right-wing conspiracy theory group QAnon. Defending that ‘he did not do anything wrong’, Angeli said, “I entered through an open door, my friend”.

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After the attack, in which many attackers were allowed to leave the building without being detained, the FBI announced that an investigation was launched to identify the suspects. It was announced that the crowd raiding the Congress was investigated and facial recognition software was used to identify the suspects.

Not interested in the investigation of the FBI, Angeli said, “I think it is a victory for a group of traitors to crouch down, wear gas masks and retreat to shelters,” he said. Angeli is one of the targets of the FBI, along with hundreds of people who broke the Congress.

Jake Angeli: The story behind the horned Arizona protester in the Capitol unrest

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