The Simpsons knew that too! The Big Detail About Donald Trump

The Simpsons 2021 prophecies continue to be on the agenda. Simpsons, popular in the world, became the agenda again with many prophecies in the new year.

The Simpsons series came to the fore with the publication of a similar explosion in Beirut in the past and predicting a similar coronavirus outbreak. Finally, the world was completely surprised when a prophecy of the animated series predicting chaos in the US came true.

The world-famous cult cartoon series The Simpsons continues to shake the world with its predictions and predictions. The legendary cartoon series Simpsons fans recently pointed out that the iconic cartoon series knew about the chaos situation in the USA.

The Simpsons stand out with their prophecies in 2021

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The Simpsons, which has been on air since 1989 and appeared as a feature film in 2007, made a series of eerie predictions, including the coronavirus epidemic that swept the planet.

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The Simpsons’ prophecy of ‘US Capitol Invasion’ shock effect in 2021

It was shocking that the man, whose name was Jake Angeli, who created the images during the raid on the Congress building on January 6, showed a great similarity with a similar-looking character in the series The Simpsons.

Fans of the series recently pointed out that his prediction about the latest situation in the US is valid. Finally, the suspension of US President Donald Trump’s account by the social media platform Twitter has become the first agenda item in the world and has been widely talked about on social media.

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This situation brought a scene in the series to the minds of social media users. In this scene, a book by Adolf Hitler stands next to Donald Trump, sitting on his bed and looking at the phone in his hand with an angry expression.


On the other hand, in the tweets posted with the label “civil war 2021” in the USA, it was shared that Homer Simpson waited on the roof of a house with a gun on January 20, 2021 in The Simpsons series. January 20 is also the day Trump will hand over the presidency to Joe Biden.

In addition, the side-by-side image of the demonstrator, who entered the Congress building, naked, wearing a helmet, and the man wearing a helmet with a belt that says “Governor”, was among the most shared images on social media.

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The Simpsons knew that too! The Big Detail About Donald Trump

Another one of the most shared images on social media was a photo of the man playing the rostrum from the looters who entered the Congress building, and a shot from the scene where Homer Sipmson played a sculpture.

Another prophecy that fans of the series realized was in the movie The Simpsons Movie.

In the movie, where fans flock to movie theaters when it is released, a huge glass dome is lowered over Springfield, where the famous family lives. Fans of the famous animated series likened this dome to the gradual restrictions imposed from city to city in the UK.

The UK is currently under a compartmentalized system to tackle the coronavirus crisis, with separate parts classified as ‘risk’ at different levels due to the virus.

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According to the rules, cities at the fourth risk level cannot leave and travel to other cities.

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