The Rings of Power suspended viewers’ comments

Amazon the rings of power izleyicilerinin yorumlarini askiya aldi iste nedeni gmspors

The giant company Amazon suspended user comments after the release of The Lord of Rings: The Rings of Power series.

The Rings of Power, which has been exciting fans for months with its trailers, was released on Amazon Prime Video as of yesterday. After its release, the audience was divided into two. Although many viewers stated that the series met their expectations, some viewers also criticized the series. After that, Amazon blocked users from commenting on The Rings of Power series.

Amazon the rings of power izleyicilerinin yorumlarini askiya aldi iste nedeni gmspors

In Amazon’s extreme however beautiful Master of the Rings prequel series The Rings of Force, there’s a local area of short, roaming, pre-civilisation individuals called harfoots. The series is set millennia before the occasions of the first set of three, and the harfoots are an early variety of hobbit. Like the Shire-occupants, they love the vibe of soil on their dingy little feet such a lot of they won’t wear shoes. Not at all like Frodo et al, they haven’t exactly graduated to dressing in appropriate garments or brushing their hair.

They likewise end up having Irish pronunciations, recognizing them from the old-fashioned BBC articulations of the great status mythical beings, as well as the OG hobbits, who talked in a Gloucestershire brogue. Why? Indeed, that is the unavoidable issue. There is no notice of accents anyplace in Tolkien’s writing, nor were there any Irish articulations in Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Ruler of the Rings. The Irish pronunciation is a totally new expansion to the establishment, presented by the show’s makers explicitly for this gathering of immature hobbits.

As an Irish individual living in England who is utilized to “potato” jokes being quibbled around lovely unreservedly (please, Jeff Bezos, utilize your cash to shoot “Keith Lemon” into the sun), and furthermore as somebody who tracks down the condition of “being outraged” intrinsically humiliating, I at first thought the harfoots’ pronunciations were very entertaining. Having at long last seen two episodes and the full degree of the sort of character they’re depicting – leprechaun-like savages loaded with heart yet completely ailing in mental ability – I still sort of do. However, addressing it, even out of sheer over the top nosiness is hard not.

It will not be possible to review the series for the next three days

The Lord of the Rings, one of the most cult cinematic universes of the cinema world, met with the audience yesterday with the series genre. The mega-budget series The Rings of Power has been on the agenda of the cinema world with its release. Some of the viewers criticize the series, thinking that it did not meet the expectations.

The giant company Amazon, on the other hand, suspects that a group of people deliberately wrote reviews to disparage the series. This event, which is referred to as ‘Review Bombing’, means that a group of people gathers and deliberately lowers and reviews a TV show or movie.

In the face of this event, the company stated that it doubted that a Review Bombing was applied against the series. He added that in order to prevent this, they suspended the review of the series. With this method, which Amazon has implemented as a precaution, it will not be possible to review the series for the next three days.

Despite all this, the production generally received a passing grade from the audience. This brought good news with it. The producer of the series, Lindsey Weber, said that they are ready for the second season and that they will start working in a few weeks at the latest.

According to reports that have emerged in the past weeks, Amazon will make a big payment for The Lord of the Rings. Allegedly, there is a budget of 465 million dollars only for the 1st season. It also cost $250 million to purchase the publishing rights. The total box office revenue of the original trilogy of the series is $ 2.92 billion.

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