The result that shocked the world! Coronavirus (Covid 19) appeared in sewers

The result that shocked the world! Corona virus (coronavirus) appeared in the sewer. New News Continues To Come As Especially As CoronaVirus Cases Start To Increase …


Corona virus (coronavirus) appeared in the sewer.


While the number of people who lost their lives due to the corona virus (coronavirus) that emerged in Wuhan, China increased to 21,306 worldwide, the statement came from the Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and Environment that worried the world. Scientists, who studied wastewater in cities where the epidemic was intense, found the result that shocked.

The Dutch National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) announced that the corona virus was found in the city of Tilburg, where the epidemic was intense, and the sewage water in the capital Amsterdam. RIVM stated that the virus was involved in the sewage through the feces of some patients and asked to avoid waste water.

A corona virus was found in the sewage networks of the town of Loon op Zand, where the first official corona patient was diagnosed in the country, as well as in the sewerage networks of the towns of Kaatsheuvel, Tilburg and Amsterdam.


CoronaVirus is Now the World’s Problem

In RIVM’s previous wastewater survey, norovirus, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, polio and measles virus were also identified using the same technique. Dutch experts, who stated that there is no virus in the waters coming from the treatment facility in the town of Kaatsheuvel and there is no connection between the treatment water and drinking water, explained that drinking water is safe.

“Corona virus was not found in the water coming out of the sewage treatment plant. But of course, you shouldn’t go swimming here or let your dog play in the discharged water as before,” the union said.


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