The relationship between Thomas Partey and his girlfriend Sara Bella

With the emergence of some events between Thomas Partey and his girlfriend Sara Bella, it became the agenda of the public. The world-famous football player Partey remained silent on the allegations of marriage problems with his girlfriend.

Thomas Partey was allegedly accused of rape after he refused to marry his girlfriend, Sara Bella.

It was a first development that Thomas Partey was accused of rape for refusing to marry his girlfriend, Sara Bella. It is thought that the relationship between Partey and his girlfriend, who will continue his life in a different way by making an important decision, is shaky.

Thomas Partey had an argument with his girlfriend

Thomas Partey is thought to have suspended their relationship after some problems with his girlfriend. The Arsenal footballer allegedly ended his relationship with his girlfriend because he thought that the problems in his private life could affect his career.

The Munititions stockpile midfielder was as of late associated with an assault examination at the North London club including a unidentified top association player.

The supposed assault apparently occurred in June 2022. Partey invested this energy in Ghana, discrediting reports that he is the thought sex guilty party.

Nonetheless, late reports show that Thomas Partey’s Moroccan sweetheart is answerable for the sex claims made against him. She did as such since she had asked the Chief Association star to wed her while they were holiday in Spain.

“Thomas Partey will be vindicated of all allegations since the Crown Arraignment Administration pulled out the assault charges against the football player refering to deficient proof, yet it’s not all finished at this point in light of the fact that another lady who likewise erroneously denounced him is disturbing the circumstance,” an insider said.

Obscure to when the couple went to Spain, a source near Partey said that he is stunned that the one who constrained him to become Muslim could spread such lies, particularly after he spent around 700,000 English pounds on their excursion.

As indicated by the source, Thomas Partey has addressed his family to tell them that the charges against him are false and that his accomplice, Sara Bella, is the person who is behind them.

Who is Sara Bella?

Sarabella owes her popularity on Instagram and some changes in her private life to her boyfriend. She announced her name because she was in a relationship with an important man.

Thomas Partey, a football player, was reputed to be hitched to Sara Bella, a Bedouin model, who purportedly changed Partey from Christianity over completely to Islam recently.

Brought into the world in Morocco, Sara Bella is a passionate Muslim who has acquired reputation since disclosing her presentation.

The Iraqi model migrated to the UK where she met the Ghanaian football player and they began dating very quickly.

Sara is a learned expert with an abundance of information about media associations.

She presently stands firm on the footings of Head Working and Imaginative Official for a watchful yet skilled interruption promoting organization. For large current television and film projects, she orchestrates gatherings with set creators, props administrators, or purchasers.

Partey Sara Bella assault claims

Partey turned down his sweetheart Sara Bella’s engagement proposition, a source near the Stockpile midfielder unveiled in a progression of tweets.

After he declined to go with her down the passageway, Sara supposedly attempted to coerce him by blaming him for assault.

The supposed assault was brought to the consideration of the police, who then captured Partey.

At the point when news further broke that Sara Bella’s web-based entertainment status had been changed from “Wedded” to “Single,” it added a genuine contort to their sentiment.

Thomas Partey was supposedly in bewilderment subsequent to spending generally £700,000 on a similar person who blamed him for assault.

Partey supposedly changed his name to YAKUBU and his religion from Christianity to Islam before the indicated assault allegation from her Moroccan sweetheart.

Thomas Partey converted to Islam

Thomas Partey, who plays for Arsenal, announced that after marrying his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella, he converted to Islam and changed his surname.
Thomas Partey, who plays for Arsenal, announced that after marrying his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella, he converted to Islam and changed his surname.

The image of Partey, who grew up in the city of Odumase Krobo in eastern Ghana and is a Christian from the family, was shared on social media while reading the Qur’an with an imam in London.

Explaining his decision with a video shared on Instagram by Ghanaian journalist Nana Aba Anamoah, Partey said, “After all, I grew up with Muslims, it’s not that different. I got married and my Muslim surname is Yakubu.”

Is Thomas Partey single?

Thomas Partey has never been married and continues to live a single life.

It is thought that with Thomas Partey currently not in a serious relationship and being more distant from the women around him, he will focus more on his career.

We think that maybe he started to make the best decisions for his life and that he should return to his main profession, football, and listen to his mind a little more.

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