The phone number shown in the squid game turned out to be real

Netflix’s hit series Squid Game confused South Korea. It was announced that a phone number in the series is real and the owner of the number receives at least 4,000 calls per day. Presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young has even offered $85,000 to buy the number.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online series and movie platform, presented its new South Korean TV series called Squid Game to its subscribers on September 17. The fledgling series attracted the attention of the audience, which led to social media sharing about this series. We even shared our opinions about the series with you. Now, there has been a remarkable development about this series.

The attention of Netflix’s new series around the world caused the audience to pay attention to the series. In fact, some viewers, who brought it to the level of madness, wondered whether a phone number in a scene in the series was real. It was a mess when some of them started calling and texting his phone number. Because the number was real and the owner of the number had nothing to do with the series, and now he couldn’t even breathe because of the phone number.

The owner of the number asked Netflix for help

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According to the news of South China Morning Post, the real owner of the phone number in the series contacted Netflix and asked for help when he could not cope with the events he experienced. However, it is stated that Netflix executives are indifferent to this situation and say that the number should be changed because it is not something intentional.

The incident also inflamed South Korean politics. In fact, Huh Kyung-young, who is running for President, contacted the owner of the number and offered a deal. According to the information received, the presidential candidate offered approximately 85 thousand dollars for the number that received around 4 thousand calls per day. It is not yet known how the number owner will respond to this deal…