The new craze on TikTok, this time targeting school toilets

The new craze in TikTok is reflected in the toilets this time. Due to a new TikTok trend in the USA, students have caused great harm in schools. TikTok, which has witnessed many trends, is on the agenda this time with a current that causes material damage. Penal action will be taken regarding the incident.

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In videos called “Toilet duel” on TikTok, students challenge each other and damage the toilets in their schools. The person who causes the most damage in a day is declared the “winner of the day”. Students participating in the challenge in Boyertown, Pennsylvania videotaped themselves damaging the sink, toilet and hand dryers in the bathroom.

The school administration, on the other hand, held an emergency meeting and evaluated the incident as “vandalism” and announced that the responsible students would be punished. At a high school in the Hatboro-Horsham area, students ransacked the toilets.

In the news in the Independent newspaper, Dennis Williams, the principal of the school, said, “There was a lot of damage to both the high school and middle school building.”

The school principal stated that warning letters were sent to parents and asked to pay attention to this social media trend. Williams also said that an investigation will be launched against the students.

Similar events took place in the states of Kansas and Florida. On the other hand, although TikTok has banned the videos in question, new images continue to be published.

A TikTok spokesperson released a statement on the incident, saying, “We expect our community to stay safe and produce content responsibly. We do not allow content that enables or encourages crime.”

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