The Most Popular Trends of 2021 is on TikTok

The Most Popular Trends of 2021 is on TikTok. A new one has emerged among the Tiktok trends. With the new trend popular among young people, Tiktok is experiencing a video craze. The Tiktok trend, which has become the center of attention so far in 2021, has managed to attract more people’s attention rapidly.

Some want to look like a doll, some like Japanese anime … There are also those who are inspired by the styles of the artists or admire the style of skateboarders … Let’s take a closer look at the fashion trends. very popular among young people …

It is obvious that social media platforms have a great influence on determining trends. Especially those born after 2000 closely follow the fashion trends that emerged and became popular on TikTok, a video sharing channel. Maybe you can add some of these trends to your style.


This style, which entered our lives with Tumblr, a visual sharing medium in 2010, is on the agenda again with TikTok. It can simply be defined as the romanticization of rural life and the longing for nature. Ruffles, animal and plant patterns, flowers, braided hair and natural accessories are indispensable. General theme; positivity and joy.

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Pastel tones of pink, purple, blue and yellow stand out in the clothes reflecting the ‘soft girl, which adopts a romantic-feminine style.

These colors are combined with thick soled boots, dark eye makeup and black bags. Blush pink cheeks and colorful hairpins complement this style.

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The birthplace of this trend is Japan. This word also means ‘cute’ in Japanese. Kawaii fashion takes its inspiration from anime.
Looking cute and unreal is a priority. Pastel colors, ruffles, mini skirts, ribbons and wavy hair are indispensable for this style.

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In this trend that takes its inspiration from art and artist styles; Large floral designs, geometric patterns, Parisian painter berets, high waist fabric trousers and exaggerated jewelry stand out. It takes some creativity by using intricate patterns together, which are difficult to put together.

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Skateboard is a combination of K-Pop culture and gothic style. Mini plaid skirts, striped T-shirts and colorful hair stand out. The style of Harley Quinn in the movie “Suicide Squad” is an example of this trend. Reminiscent of a doll or cartoon character, the style also impresses Generation Z’s beloved musicians such as Billie Eilish.

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It takes its inspiration from skateboarders and street culture. Mini skirts, ripped trousers, knee-high socks, loose sweatshirts; Exposed T-shirts, canvas sneakers and hats. With his waist-tied lumberjack shirts and back-worn hats, he brings to mind the youth movies of the 90s.

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It is a trend even those who are distant to TikTok know because we often see it in ‘Instagram girls’. Although its main theme is sex appeal, comfort is also important. Vivid colors such as pink, green and orange are predominant. Short T-shirts, fisherman hats, waist bags and coarse sneakers combined with cycling tights are important parts of this style.

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