The lover of the woman who twerked to Nusret raided the place! Those moments are on camera

The lover of the woman who twerked Nusret Gökçe attacked the place

The lover of the woman who twerked to Nusret raided the place! Those moments were reflected in the cameras. The Turkish phenomenon Nusret, which has the most famous meat restaurants in the world, continues to be popular rapidly.

The woman who twerked Nusret Gökçe was surprised at what happened when her lover entered the room at that moment. The lover of the woman, who started to run away by recovering herself, went after her. Those moments were recorded second by second by the camera.


Nusret Gökçe, who made a name for himself with his famous salting movement and gained worldwide fame, came up with a different event this time.

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Nusret, who experienced great intensity again with the opening of his restaurants, which were closed during the pandemic process, watched the dance he made for him after welcoming his customers in one of those restaurants.


When he saw his beloved, he started to run away

Nusret, who recorded the moments of the black woman twerking, will finish the video; A person stated to be the lover of the woman entered the restaurant. The woman who saw her boyfriend immediately recovered and started to run away.

NOBODY CAN STOP THE MAN: Nobody could stop the man who came in with swearing and followed the woman. While the video ended here, no information was given about the fate of the woman and her lover.

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