The laughter of Gonzalo Ramírez, Carola Escobar and María Luisa Godoy

“I’ll have to wear glasses!”: Gonzalo Ramírez starred in a funny joke that caught the laughter of Carola Escobar and María Luisa Godoy.

The laughter of Gonzalo Ramirez Carola Escobar and Maria Luisa Godoy

Gonzalo Ramírez had a funny joke in the “Good morning everyone” episode when he announced one of his sponsors; He laughs between Carola Escobar and María Luisa Godoy.

It all started with the journalist sponsoring some capsules that help sleep. Since he could not read the screen well, he had to improvise while reading the ad. “Stop counting sheep … Leave Maria Luisa! Take Seredan,” he said.

María Luisa Godoy could not stand the laughter and Gonzalo Ramírez called her and asked what she was laughing at. “You ran the line,” he replied, almost blushing with laughter.

“I’ll have to wear glasses!” Said the communicator angrily. “Hey, put it on your cell phone so you can see it on your cellphone …” Carola Escobar asked, laughing with little joke.