The Last of Us Part 1 Graphics Settings Menu Leaked

The graphics settings menu of The Last of Us Part 1, which excites those who have been waiting for it with consecutive leaks, was leaked by someone with access to the game. This remake, which will be released for the PC platform alongside the Playstation 5, comes with a very unusual feature for console players.

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Although the gamers are now used to the successive leak news about the remake announced in June 2022, this time the leak is different. Apart from other news that gives us clues about the game’s graphics, critical information about the technical details of the game has been leaked or “leaked.”

The Last of Us Part 1 Will Come With 120 FPS Support

The most striking thing in the leaked screenshot is undoubtedly the FPS limitation mode. On the other hand, thanks to the performance mode in the graphics settings, players will be able to reach up to 120 FPS. The innovation in question mostly concerns console owners. Considering that the PlayStation 5 device has the hardware to support the 4k/120 FPS level, the game, which will be released in September, seems to finally reveal the potential of Sony’s last console.

Of course, thanks to the performance mode, in order to reach this FPS level, it is necessary to have a monitor / TV that will support the frame rate we mentioned.

The fact that this game was developed for both PC and PS5 is extremely important for console games.

According to the share made by Naughty Dog Central, which publishes current news about the developer company Naughty Dog, the leak was carried out by someone with access to the game.

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