The Kelsie Schelling Case is Here With NBC Documentary

This week, Dateline NBC presented its documentary examining the Kelsie Schelling case.

9 years and a guilty verdict, Kelsie Schelling is still missing and has spots waiting to be enlightened. In the Kelsie Schelling case, where many suspects were involved, the suspicion of murder seems certain.

The kelsie schelling case is here with nbc documentary 1 gmspors

Following 9 years and a blameworthy decision, Kelsie Schelling actually absent

Schelling was most recently seen on Feb. 4, 2013. She drove from Denver to Pueblo to see her ex, Donthe Lucas. Schelling was pregnant at that point. Lucas was viewed as at real fault for her homicide in 2021, yet Schelling’s body has never been found.

A Pueblo County jury viewed Donthe Lucas to be liable Monday of first-degree murder in the 2013 demise of his sweetheart, Kelsie Schelling, after only a couple of long stretches of consultations.

The jury viewed Lucas to be very muchblameworthy of first-degree murder in a decision that was conveyed soon after 4 p.m. Monday. He was condemned subsequently to life in jail without the chance of parole — the obligatory sentence for first-degree murder convictions.

“That is forever been my primary objective and need is to have the option to bring her home and we didn’t come by that result out of the preliminary,” said Laura Saxton, Schelling’s mom. “I’m fundamentally, inwardly, still where I was.”

Saxton began Missing Persons Day in Colorado in 2016, falling on Feb. 4 every year. This year, in excess of 1,000 names of individuals who are absent in Colorado were perused on the Colorado State Capitol steps.

“Laura’s in good company. There are large number of different families that are here in soul, while possibly not here truly today,” said Susan Medina of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “Potential open doors that Colorado Missing Persons Day gives us is giving that voice and telling them they are in good company. What’s more, that we have assets accessible to help them each and every step of the way.”

During Lucas’ preliminary in Pueblo last year, a few of Schelling’s companions took the testimony box.

Donthe Lucas claims Kelsie Schelling’s dad killed her

The kelsie schelling case is here with nbc documentary 2 gmspors

A homicide suspect is blaming the casualty’s dad for killing a missing lady.

Donthe Lucas is having to deal with murder penalties in the vanishing of his sweetheart Kelsie Schelling. Schelling vanished right around a long time back when she was making a beeline for see Lucas in Pueblo.

In a movement documented by Lucas, he guarantees the casualty’s dad had a background marked by savagery toward Kelsie and killed her.

At the point when 11 News connected with Schelling’s mother concerning the movement recorded, she had no remark.

Schelling’s body has never been found.

Lucas argued not liable to first-degree murder in court in Pueblo on Aug. 28. An adjudicator planned his preliminary for April.

Safeguard lawyers said they would request the preliminary to be moved in light of the consideration the vanishing of Schelling has gotten.

She was most recently seen in February 2013 headed from her home in Denver to Pueblo to converse with Lucas about her pregnancy. She is ventured to be dead yet her body has not been found.

Lucas was captured in December of 2017 while in prison on an irrelevant burglary accusation.

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