The golden ratio proves that Scarlett Johansson is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood

Many fans say Scarlett Johansson is one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood. In our opinion, Scarlett is one of the most naturally beautiful women in the world.

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is a BAFTA award-winning American actress. She made her debut in 1998 with her role in The Horse Whispering Man. She later appeared in films such as Ghost World, If She Could Talk, and Girl with a Pearl Earring. It earned two Golden Globe nominations in 2003.

The golden ratio proves that scarlett johansson is one of the sexiest actors in hollywood 14 gmspors

According to the calculation where 1.618…, which is an irrational number, is accepted as the Golden Ratio, the length between Scarlett Johansson’s breasts and hips is 1.560. This number shows that Johansson has a 96.4 percent Golden Ratio. The second body in the research is Kim Kardashian.

According to the calculations of the Golden Ratio in Ancient Greece, Scarlett Johansson was chosen as the owner of the ‘physically perfect’ body.

According to research conducted by a lingerie brand, the lines of 30-year-old new mother Scarlett meet the values ​​determined as perfect ratio.

The golden ratio proves that scarlett johansson is one of the sexiest actors in hollywood 13 gmspors

Discovered by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians and used in architecture and art, the Golden Ratio expresses the numerical and geometric correlation of the most competent dimensions in terms of harmony between the parts of a whole.

The third closest celebrity to the ideal beauty in the research was Helen Mirren, 69 years old. When Helen Mirren’s measurements are calculated, it turns out to be 1.546. This means that it has a 95.6% Golden Ratio.

Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful woman in the world according to the golden ratio

Beauty is the criteria that can vary from person to person, but there were features called ‘golden ratio’ for the beauty measures accepted in Ancient Greece. The Greeks made their sculptures according to the golden ratio. The golden ratios have survived from those days to the present day. In today’s world, the most beautiful women were chosen according to the golden ratio. We also became Molatik.

According to the research, Scarlett Johansson is the person with the body “closest to physical perfection” among living celebrities. The 36-year-old American player has the closest physique to the ‘golden ratio’. Scarlett’s chest and hip measurements match the golden ratio by 96.4 percent. The hourglass shape from her chest to her waist is so compatible with her hips that it raises the golden ratio. Scientists had previously applied the golden ratio to facial features. It is used for the first time to measure body perfection.

The golden ratio proves that scarlett johansson is one of the sexiest actors in hollywood 12 gmspors

Regardless of whether it’s on or off screen, Scarlett Johansson consistently realizes how to catch our consideration. At the point when the 36-year-old entertainer isn’t kicking butt in the Avengers films, she’s functioning it on honorary pathway. Throughout the long term, Scarlett has served some truly hot looks as she pauses dramatically. From her initial a very long time as a light sensation to her Black Widow days as a redhead, Scarlett surely realizes how to work the camera from the appropriate points. See a portion of her best minutes ahead!

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