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Alex Rodriguez is sliding into something other than bases nowadays.

The previous baseball star allegedly slid into the immediate messages (DMs) of Australian TV moderator Belinda Russell on Friday.

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Russell, co-host of the famous Australian show “Today Extra” and furthermore a notable TikTok character, shared the DM on air during Friday’s show. She told individual co-have Richard Wilkins, “I woke up toward the beginning of today, checking the socials and in my solicitations there was a message from Alex Rodriguez. As in A-Rod. As in J.Lo’s ex.”

As per a screen capture she took of A-Rod’s DM, the competitor expressed “Extraordinary feed!!!!!” as a reaction to an Instastory of her moving on her news work area during the 9News studio.

“Everything I can say is… he prefers extraordinary substance, Dickie,” she added. “He just said extraordinary feed!”

Russell, who is hitched to spouse Mark Calvert with whom she shares three children, proceeded to say that she didn’t decipher the message as coquettish. “He simply enjoys my recordings,” she said. “I’m joyfully hitched.”

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Alex Rodriguez shifted Belinda Russell’s Instagram DM to TV.

Is Alex Rodriguez being coquettish or amicable?

Belinda Russell, a Sydney-based TV character, asserted on “Today Extra” that A-Rod slid into her DMs. She even showed a screen capture on TV of the immediate message she got from Rodriguez on Instagram.

“Incredible feed!!!” Rodriguez advised her because of a video of her moving in the TV studio.

Russell was asked by a co-have whether Rodriguez was hitting on her.

“He’s definitely not [hitting on me]. He simply loves my recordings… I’m joyfully hitched,” she said.

Rodriguez, 45, is recently single. He and ex-fiancee Jennifer Lopez declared a month ago they had separated. Lopez as of now is by all accounts managing another conceivable relationship. That has left A-Rod as far as anyone knows upset. Presently he is by all accounts investing a portion of his energy getting a charge out of new interests via web-based media. Regardless of whether there was a more thing to it is dependent upon you to choose.

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