The French boss suggested to overcome the economic effects of the epidemic: Let’s sell Mona Lisa

Founder and CEO of international technology firm Fabernovel, 46-year-old Stephane Distinguin offered the government to ‘sell family-owned jewelry’ to the government that wants to tackle the financial effects of the coronavirus.

Distinguin said that “caste” means works of art, including the world famous painting Mona Lisa, even the name of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci.

Bek Usbek & Speaking to the magazine “Rica”, Distinguin stressed that the crisis where billions of euros are lost every day is “bottomless” and said, “As an entrepreneur and taxpayer, I know that these billions are not invented and will surely cost us. The obvious reflex is to sell a valuable asset at the highest possible price, but the least critical asset for our future. ”

‘Who is taking the time to examine carefully?’

Distinguin said, “The tables are easy to move and transfer, and we have a lot of tables. Also, how many visitors and how many fans of Mona Lisa are Louvre’s time to carefully examine the 67-square-meter and 130-character Kana Wedding (The Wedding at Cana) painting by Paolo Veronese in the same hall? ” He developed an argument.

Implying that money should stop where it belongs, the businessman said, “So let’s sell family jewelery. Otherwise, only people like Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, Netflix, Alibaba and Tencent can contribute to the financing of the culture. ”

Stating that the ‘trick’ of the work is the price, Stephane Distinguin argued that it should be kept at a ‘crazy’ point in order to be worth the work.

“I estimate that buying Mona Lisa will not be less than 50 billion euros,” Distinguin said.

‘Jeff Bezos can take it’

On the other hand, the businessman pointed out the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, for the prospective buyer.

“For the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos, 50 billion euros means only a third of his wealth, not more than the amount he paid for his wife in the divorce case,” Distinguin said.

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