The explosion in Nashville, USA could be a suicide attempt

Following the explosion of a vehicle in Nashville, Tennessee, the security forces are continuing their investigation into the details behind the incident. Three people were injured and dozens of buildings were damaged as a result of the explosion on Christmas morning.

Before the explosion in Nashville, Tennessee’s largest city, police had gone to the area after reports of gunshots. According to the statements of the police officials, a bomb warning came from the parked vehicle, which was stated to be used for entertainment purposes, with a recorded message and then the vehicle exploded.

Although it is not known whether there was anyone inside the vehicle immediately after the explosion, it was stated that some parts found at the scene could be human body parts. One person was detected with the explosion. It is thought that there may be a suicide attempt, especially in relation to the explosion. The American police and the FBI are facing suspicion of attempted suicide.

A person has been identified in connection with the explosion in Nashville, USA

In the Ashville Police Department’s first statement about the incident, it was stated that this was an “intentional” act. However, law enforcement has yet to reveal any information about the reason behind the incident or those responsible. There has been no person or group involved in the event so far.

According to the testimony of eyewitnesses, windows and door glasses were broken in many surrounding buildings. Slight injuries also occurred among those inside the buildings in the area closest to the vehicle.

In the statement made by the police unit that published the photo of the explosion vehicle, it was stated that the vehicle was parked in the area about 4 hours ago.

State governor John Cooper said that 41 points of operation in the area were damaged, as well as vehicles in the vicinity. The three people with minor injuries were treated in hospitals.

Telephone, internet and satellite line services were interrupted in the region due to damage to the building of AT&T company, which provides communication services. Cutbacks also occurred in neighboring states Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia.

Police chief John Drake said they had not received any threatening or suspicious information before the gunfire was reported before the explosion.

Big bang in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Police identified a person in connection with the explosion that occurred on Christmas morning in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. In the news in the US press, it was stated that federal officials searched the house of the person connected with the explosion.

While the identity of the person in question was not disclosed, CBS television reported that a 63-year-old white man was investigated for the explosion.

As the investigation into the explosion of a caravan-type vehicle parked in the city center, Mayor John Cooper declared a curfew in that area until Sunday to restrict access to the area.

Governor Bill Lee also sought federal help from the White House because of the severity and magnitude of the impact of the blast.

Stating that at least 41 buildings were damaged due to the explosion, Lee stated that the damaged communication systems also affected homes and mobile phones, including the emergency call center 911. There is still a lot of research going on about the explosion. Especially police officers trying to focus on suicide or assassination are doing detailed research on the subject.

3 people were injured in the explosion, and it was announced that these people who were hospitalized were not life-threatening.

“We believe this incident was deliberate,” said Don Aaron, spokesman for the Metro Nashville Police Department. he said.

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