The European Super League was officially established, war broke out! UEFA ban decision move

The leading clubs of European football have taken the official step in the European Super League, which has been spoken for some time. The 12 big clubs of Europe did not agree with UEFA on the new Champions League system. The European Super League was officially established. A harsh statement came from UEFA on the subject. In addition, the number to be paid to the founding clubs in the European Super League has been determined. The crisis in football found wide coverage in the Italian press.

The European Super League was officially established. The initiative, which is expected to generate higher revenue than the Champions League and was almost a blow to UEFA, has become an agenda in the world.

The clubs stood in as a result of the failure to reach an agreement between UEFA and the European Club Association on the new Champions League system and the regulation of TV broadcasts and marketing activities.

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European Super League Details Announced

An official announcement has been made for the European Super League. 12 clubs announced that they officially participated in the organization. Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Inter, Milan and Juventus; They officially announced their participation in the European Super League. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has been elected president of the European Super League.

In the statement, it was stated that 3 more teams are expected to participate in the European Super League, which is planned to start as soon as possible. The founding clubs are looking forward to meeting with UEFA and FIFA officials to achieve the best result for the new league and football as a whole, in the statement, the instability of the European Super League’s establishment, the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic in the European football economy It was pointed out that it coincided with a time accelerated.

In the statement, it was stated that the founding clubs have been aiming for several years to improve the quality and intensity of competitions in Europe and to create a format that will allow them to compete regularly with the best clubs and their players. It was also stated that a total of 3.5 billion euros will be paid to the founding clubs.

The european super league was officially established war broke out uefa ban decision move 1 gmspors

In the statement, which also includes information on the details of the tournament, it was noted that 5 teams will change each season in the league where 20 clubs will compete with 15 founding clubs. It was reported that in the tournament, which will start in August, the teams will take place in two groups of 10 and those who finish the groups in the top 3 will directly advance to the quarter-finals, and the teams that finish the league in the 4th and 5th places will play a play-off match to reach the quarter-finals. It was stated that the quarterfinals will be played according to the double match method, and the final match will be held in May.

Paris Saint-Germain from France did not accept the offer of the European Super League. German clubs are not in the organization.


Statement from UEFA, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A administrations: “Clubs that will participate in the European Super League will be banned from UEFA and FIFA organizations. We thank the French and German clubs who refused to sign. Call to football lovers, fans and politicians who want to join us in our war.” A minority group has long insisted on just thinking about itself. Enough is enough! ”


Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid and first president of the European Super League, whose evaluations were given in the statement, said, “We will help football at all levels and take it where it deserves. Football has more than 4 billion fans in the world and the only global sport in the world. As big clubs, our responsibility is theirs. If the players participating in this tournament are not allowed to participate in the 2022 World Cup, we will set up our own World Cup tournament, no problem. ” used the expressions.

Juventus withdrew from the European Club Association. Juventus President Agnelli also resigned from the presidency of the European Club Association and from his position on the UEFA Executive Board.


The announcement of the leading 12 clubs of Europe that they established the “European Super League” at midnight was widely covered in the Italian press as well. La Gazzetta dello Sport, on its website, used the title “The Super League is born. 12 clubs announced: Inter, Milan and Juventus are also available”. Corriere dello Sport made the news with the headline “It is now official: The revolution in football. The Super League is born with 12 clubs including Juventus, Inter and Milan.”

La Repubblica newspaper saw this news in the first place with the headline “Super League: The night that changed European football. Here are the risks that the rebels will face”. The newspaper wrote that the 12 clubs in question are at risk of being banned from national and international championships by UEFA and FIFA. La Stampa newspaper used the headline “Earthquake in European football: new Super League is born with Juventus, Inter and Milan. UEFA: Whoever is involved is banned from everything”. ANSA agency also announced the news with the title “The Super League is born. There are Inter, Juventus and Milan.”

Boris Johnson Comments

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the “European Super League”, which has agreed to establish 12 clubs from Italy, Spain and England, could be devastating for football. Johnson stated in his Twitter account that they support the action of football authorities to take action against the establishment of the new league. Noting that the European Super League can be “devastating” for football, Johnson stated that the new tournament will also hit local leagues and cause concern among fans across the country. “Clubs must respond to their fans and the wider football community before they can step forward,” Johnson said. used the expression.

“We are against the idea of ​​a disconnected and closed league in Europe, which is against the international calendar and values. FIFA always favors unity in world football.”

Prior to this crisis, there was a disagreement on commercial rights between the European Club Association, which represents Europe’s leading clubs, and UEFA. UEFA and the European Club Association established a mixed Club Competitions Committee with 17 members.

Ferran Soriano: There was no agreement

This committee convened in March. Manchester United Chairman Ed Woodward and Manchester City CEO Ferran Soriano were among the members of this committee and left the meeting without agreement. The dispute arose from the European Club Association’s desire to have more control over how the broadcasting and commercial rights of the Champions League are sold and marketed.

FIFA and the football confederations of the continents, UEFA, CAF, AFC, Concacaf, CONMEBOL and OFC took a clear front against the European Super League project with a joint statement they signed.

Here is the statement published by FIFA and six confederations

“We, as FIFA and six confederations, will once again warn against the European Super League project, which is said to be established by European clubs in the media recently. This type of tournament will not be recognized by either FIFA or six confederations. In the status of FIFA and its confederations, FIFA and its confederations are shown as the organizers of all tournaments.


FIFA announced that it is against the new initiative called “European Super League” and that the necessary sanctions will be applied against it. In the statement made by FIFA, it was stated that the integrity of football and fair distribution in the financial model are in the spirit of the sport and help the development of football on a global scale. organizations must act in accordance with the basic principles of cohesion, inclusiveness and fair financial distribution, so that football can develop as a sport on a global scale. it will not hesitate to use the necessary legal, sports and diplomatic methods. ” expressions were used.


Stating that the European Super League is a formation against the universal qualities of football, “FIFA will not support the ‘league of those who break from Europe’. This formation is outside the structure of international football and does not respect our principles.” FIFA also announced that these issues should be discussed once again with the participation of all parties in order to discuss the preservation of football unity: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham from England, Milan, Inter and Juventus from Italy Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid clubs from Spain announced that they had started a new initiative under the name of “European Super League”. UEFA, the English Football Association, the English Premier League, the Spanish Football Association, La Liga, the Italian Football Association and Serie A administrations opposed the idea of ​​the leading clubs to establish a separate league by publishing a joint statement.


Former Manchester United captain Garry Neville described the Super League plans as “disgusting.” “I’ve been a Manchester United supporter for 40 years. To be honest, we should get that strength back from the top teams of the league, including my club,” Neville, a partner of ManU legend and League 2 club Salford City, told Sky Sports about the decision.

While the former England National Team player emphasized that the 6 English teams should be lowered and punished, he specifically targeted Liverpool and Manchester United and said, “It’s a complete greed. They (club beaches) are greedy. They should do something about football in this country.


There are fans who love and live these hundred-year-old clubs. Liverpool sings ‘You will never walk alone’. Is it the people’s club? Man United was a club that was founded more than 100 years ago by workers. Is it so now? It is the largest sports organization in this world and this country. This is a crime, “he asked. We are in the midst of the epidemic and economic crisis. Semi-professional football clubs are bankrupt. Tomorrow, lower all the scores of these teams. Send them to the bottom of the league and give them a penalty.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on his Twitter account, “The European Super League plan could hurt football enormously. We support the action of the football authorities. This leads to the heart of local football and worries the fans. Before the relevant clubs take any action. They should respond to the fans and the wider football community. ”


On the other hand, if the Europa League is established, the teams that are likely to participate in the Champions League in the new season are as follows: Leicester, West Ham, Everton, Leeds (Premier League).

Atalanta, Naples, Lazio, Rome

Sevilla, Villarreal, Real Betis, Real Sociedad.

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