Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend and hot poses

The desperate call of sexual movie star Mia Khalifa: I beg you to stay away from this industry. Famous Porn star warns young girls!

Don’t be a Mia Khalifa porn victim

Mia Khalifa, a 27-year-old American adult movie star who retired from the sexually explicit film industry six years ago, addressed young girls from her TikTok account. Khalifa said that the movies he played caused psychological damage that would not last a lifetime, and he said, “Beg you, stay away from this industry.”The actress of Lebanese origin, who said that she has been in the industry for three months and that she has been playing in 11 films during this time, Mia said that as long as people live because of these 11 videos, the film with sexual content is literally a poison.

Mia Khalifa tried to express that the porn industry is an inhuman crime. Especially women in the sector work in very bad conditions. Many women in the United States suffer from bad interventions in this sector. Many raped girls in the US fall into this sector.

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When a user says “Do you make a lot of money?” He said that they do not be fooled by the lies for the sake of making big money for young girls and that despite the popularity of the industry, he made very little money.

Sexual Content Star Stimulates

Mia said that when the girl played in a movie, even if she was a girl, the producers were using that movie and pressuring the girls to play in other movies and she couldn’t get rid of it.

Mia also said that she retired from the industry, so she struggled to remove her videos from the sites, but was not successful.

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Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend and hot poses

Mia Khalifa states that she is currently receiving psychological treatments. He especially states that many of his friends in this industry have psychological problems. The sexual film industry has become a business with high costs around the world. However, many women in this job are used as slaves.


Mia Khalifa and Boyfriend

Mia Khalifa stated that after retiring from the sector, her boyfriend was the most helpful to her. It is known that the situation of the Arab origin movie star, which states that he has been side by side for 2 years, is very good. She had previously said that he prioritizes modeling work on social media.

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Mia Khalifa’s boyfriend and hot poses

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