The cost of Squid Game and the money Netflix makes

The cost of Squid Game and the money it made for Netflix were revealed. One of the most watched Netflix productions in the world, “Squid Game” continues to increase its popularity rapidly. However, the money that this Netflix-made series earned and earned to its producers was a matter of curiosity. Here in our article we will explain the economic parts of Squid Game.

It has been determined how much the South Korean production Squid Game, which broke records in America, will earn Netflix on average. The series, which cost Netflix only $21.4 million, is expected to earn $900 million.

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Netflix’s South Korean series Squid Game reached 111 million viewers worldwide and became the most popular content of the platform.

The average income that the series, which is on the agenda all over the world, will provide to Netflix has been announced.

How Much Did Netflix Earn From The Squid Game?

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According to Bloomberg’s report, Netflix is ​​expected to earn $891 million from the series, which cost only $21.4 million (about $2.4 million per episode). While this figure corresponds to about 40 times the cost, it also reveals the success of the series.

Squid Game, a dystopian South Korean TV series, is about deadly children’s games played by people in financial difficulties for money.

Experts emphasize that the series seems like it will make Netflix a lot of money to think, “Are we in a game too?”

If the second season of the series is released, the money Netflix will earn will increase in the same way.

Netflix’s shares have increased by 7 percent since the launch of Squid Game, and the company’s value has reached $278.1 billion.

Squid Game Encourages Shopping

Many news or articles have been shared about Squid Game Encouraging Shopping. After the Netflix series came to the fore, the accessories used in many series, from white shoes to green jerseys, began to sell millions.

Again, people were influenced and manipulated by a drama. Especially the money spent on the irresponsible spending of the world can be the dream of people in many poor countries.

Now, after Squid Game, many unnecessary masks and items continue to break millions of sales records.

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