The clearest development in the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo will be announced soon

The news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United, which has been on the agenda for a while, has been concluded. The British giant, who did not approve of the star player’s departure, included Ronaldo in the match squad.

While Cristiano Ronaldo’s team for the new season remains unclear, a terrific proposal has been brought up. Scott Minto, one of Chelsea’s former players, said that Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect option for the Blues and that the Portuguese star must be transferred.

As everyone knows, Cristiano Ronaldo wants to part ways with Manchester United. The star player who wanted to leave the team due to the fact that the English giant could not take part in the Champions League was given a refusal. There has been a new development regarding this event.

The clearest development in the transfer of cristiano ronaldo will be announced soon 3 gmspors

Is Cristiano Ronaldo’s new team Chelsea?

Almost every day, a team name is brought up for Cristiano Ronaldo, who has decided to leave Manchester United. For Cristiano Ronaldo, who wants to appear in the Champions League, a great transfer proposal has been put forward in the British press.

While it remains unclear which team Cristiano Ronaldo will transfer to in the new season, another transfer proposal for the superstar has been brought up. Former Chelsea left-back Scott Minto appealed to the Blues and stated that Ronaldo should be transferred.

According to the news from the British press, Scott, Minto, believes that Cristiano Ronaldo will solve Chelsea’s striker problem. Addressing the management of the English team, Minto stated that the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo must be carried out.

Stating that with Ronaldo’s transfer, Chelsea will be able to compete with teams such as Liverpool and Manchester City, the veteran footballer said, “Ronaldo scored 18 goals even in Manchester United, which had a very weak squad last season,” and added that the Portuguese star will add a lot to the Blues.

The clearest development in the transfer of cristiano ronaldo will be announced soon 2 gmspors

The 37-year-old world star did not attend his team’s Thailand and Australia camps and did not take part in the preparations for the new season. A surprise move came from the club for Ronaldo, who was determined to leave the team. Ronaldo, who is included in the squad of the Rayo Vallecano match, which will be played by Manchester United at 18:00 tonight, will play if the coach gives a chance.

According to the news in The Sun, one of the UK’s highest circulation newspapers; It was alleged that Ronaldo begged Manchester United managers in this meeting. Some of the fans who saw Cristiano Ronaldo so helpless for the first time could not hold back their tears.

The clearest development in the transfer of cristiano ronaldo will be announced soon 1 gmspors

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