The best of the 74th Cannes Film Festival

The best of the 74th Cannes Film Festival have been announced. The most liked photos came to the fore, along with the photos from the Festival, where celebrities showed great interest in their outfits.

Although the traditional red carpet ceremony of the Cannes Film Festival, which ended recently, has shrunk due to health measures, the celebrities on that carpet have not lost anything from their claims. The most stylish women of the festival were determined by a fashion magazine.

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Model Bella Hadid was at the top of the list in her Jean Paul Gaultier dress, where white and black met.

Hadid was on the list twice, with the black dress she wore on the second night and the unusual necklace that highlighted the dress.

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68-year-old actress Isabelle Huppert was recorded as the most charismatic name on the red carpet with her body-hugging black dress, bracelets and sunglasses.

Jessica Chastain, who prefers black on the red carpet, was caught in the lenses with her Dior brand dress.

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Jodie Foster, who was deemed worthy of the festival’s lifetime achievement award, found herself on the list among those who preferred white.

Helen Mirren and Rosamund Pike were among the colorful stars of the red carpet.

The star in the flowers was Sharon Stone in her Dolce & Gabbana costume.

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