The beautiful Miss Kasanová showed her tummy in her underwear at 7 months old

A miracle is growing under my heart: the beautiful Miss Kasanová showed her tummy in her underwear when she was 7 months old.

Model Kateřina Kasanová (23) will soon become a mother. The winner of Miss Czech Republic 2016 is in her 7th month of pregnancy and expecting her first child with boyfriend, major league football player Tomáš Petrášek.

“I’m enjoying my pregnancy and grateful for every moment, whether it’s mild morning sickness, reflux or heartburn. I really don’t want to complain about anything, it’s a gift and it really is the best time of my life. It’s a miracle growing under my heart,” Kasanová told I am feeling .

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They and their spouses already know the sex of the child but keep it to themselves for now.

“The gender was immediately told to us. We’re keeping it a secret for now, but we’ll reveal it soon,” added Kasanová, who lives in Poland. Petrášek plays football for Raków Częstochowa, winner of this year’s Polish Cup.

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