The 11 best non-stick frying pans to buy if you want to make the best crêpes of your life this Pancake Day

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It's on February 16th, people.

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Whether stir-fries are your go-to and you reach for your trusty frying pan every night, or it only leaves the cupboard on the rare occasion you fancy a Sunday morning fry-up, no kitchen is complete without a good, durable non-stick frying pan. And with Pancake Day coming up on 16th February (finally – something to look forward to!), there has never been a better time to invest.
You might think we're being boring, but these days, thoughts of new glassware, dinnerware sets and cookware sets bring as just as much joy as purchasing a new tracksuit does. If not more. And in lieu of IRL fun, we're going full steam ahead with every celebration (Valentine's Day is set to be a romantic bonanza), going bigger than ever before. Shrove Tuesday included. Who wants a pile of torn-up, mushy pancakes on their plate? Exactly.

To make the crispiest, most golden brown crêpes of your life this Pancake Day, you'll need a good quality stainless steel or aluminium frying pan with great heat distribution so that everything cooks evenly. You'll also need to look out for a frying pan with a supreme non-stick coating (all of these frying pans tick that box) to reduce the amount of extra fat you need to cook with. (Keep it protected by using a wooden spoon or silicone spatula, so as not to damage the non-stick ability). Another check box? Look for something with a heat-proof handle, so that you can safely lift your frying pan into the oven to finish your dish off – should you fancy.
Outside of excelling in the crêpe-making games, the best frying pans will stand by your side as you cook up the perfect stir-fry, curry or bolognese. Particularly if you choose one with higher sides – case in point: Le Creuset's Non-Stick Deep Frying Pan. Complete with a handle and unbeatable non-stick surface, it's well worth the investment.

One of the most searched-for non-stick frying pans of the lot is the Circulon Ultimum frying pan. Loved by chefs, it has three layers of non-stick coating which are so effective you barely need to use oil. This non-stick coating is combined with grooves, where the raised sections bear the brunt of any wear and tear.
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This non-stick frying pan, which is dishwasher safe and oven safe to 180 degrees, has a triple-layer non-stick coating and is stylish, contemporary and durable.
Lightweight and easy to clean, aluminium is not naturally induction compatible, so we add a stainless steel base plate to ensuring induction compatibility on all of our cookware.
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Not only is this frying pan one of the most aesthetically pleasing we've seen, but it is made from durable a forged aluminium and boasts a high performance non-stick cooking surface – perfect for making evenly-brown pancakes this Shrove Tuesday! It's also from Salter's Earth range, which is free from PFOA and PTFE chemicals.
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One of the bestselling frying pans on Amazon is this Blackmoor frying pan, which is surprisingly effective for its purse-pleasing price tag. It can be used for browning just about anything including vegetables, meat and fish, and it boasts a cool-touch handle and non-stick coating. A great, affordable buy.
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From the Salter Megastone Collection, this frying pan has a rugged coating for improved non-stick performance and soft-touch handle.
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Another one of the most searched-for non-stick frying pans on the market is this one from Zyliss. Coming in at under £25 and available on Amazon Prime, it boasts three-layer ‘Rockpearl Plus Swiss technology’ which means you can fry with little-to-no extra oil or butter. Perfect for pancakes and omelettes, it feels sturdy and durable. We love it.
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One of our favourite non-stick frying pans of the lot, this ProCook frying pan is perfect for cooking pancakes, omelettes and more. It's stylish in design with a heat resistant handle and excellent non-stick abilities.
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When thinking of non-stick frying pans, Tefal is a brand that always spring to mind. And for good reason! This frying pan is available in various different sizes, depending on what you might use it for the most, and it boasts Thermo-Spot technology that lets you know when the pan has reached the optimum temperature to start cooking. Clever, right? It's durable, dishwasher-safe and oven-safe to 260 degrees.
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From GreenPan’s Venice Pro Extra range comes this non-stick frying pan is made with natural materials, such as sand and is PFAS-free so it doesn’t contain any harmful toxic chemicals. You don't need to use extra fat to brown your pancakes/meat/vegetables with this frying pan – the non-stick coating does all the work.
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If it's a deep-sided frying pan you're after, to use for making bolognese/curry/anything "saucy", make a beeline for this frying pan. It's an investment, for sure, but will last a lifetime and feels incredibly durable. It has a handle to help you lift it into the oven or away from the hob, and the non-stick coating is amongst the most effective on the block.
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Buying this 100% PFOA free frying pan means there is no need to add oil or butter when cooking with this frying pan, which features Eaziglide's Neverstick non-stick coating – which is, of course, much healthier. It's also super easy to clean.
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Titanium Excel is Tefal's best non-stick coating, coming it at 24 times stronger than Tefal's Intensity coating. Impressive, huh? The coating is actually so durable that it's metal utensil safe and scratch resistant. What's more, the product is extremely versatile with its deep sides and stainless-steel handle, meaning you can put it in to the oven up to 250C.
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Another affordable non-stick frying pan is M&S' small frying pan, perfect for frying eggs or making small pancakes this Shrove Tuesday. It's made from aluminium, which evenly distributes heat for great results, with a triple-coated non-stick coating and durable exterior to prevent scratches and chips. A kitchen essential, for sure.
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