Thai police officer criticized after posing in swimsuit

The Thai police officer lashed out at those who called her disrespectful after posing in a swimsuit.

Thai police officer Patarasaya Rerkrut posted a photo of herself in a swimsuit on her social media account. After social media users labeled her pose as inappropriate and disrespectful, the police officer lashed out.

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A Thai police officer was forced to keep her Instagram account private after harsh criticism from social media users who accused her of being disrespectful. Patarasaya Rerkrut, known as ‘Lieutenant Viking’, has attracted a lot of attention on social media after she recently posted photos of herself in a swimsuit. Some users criticized Rerkrut, arguing that it should be more modest as a public servant.

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Before sharing her swimsuit poses on her social media account, Rerkrut was known nationwide as a spokesperson for the Royal Thai Police. After criticism for her social media disclosures, Rerkrut said, “I love trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone and finding new opportunities for myself. “I never thought I’d have to give up the things I love to fit into a society that dictates how I cop and how I act.”

Stating that sometimes jobs do not reflect people’s personalities, Rerkrut said, “The year is 2022. Jobs do not reflect how we look. I grew up in a conservative society, but I learned to balance.”

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