Tensions rise between TikTok and Facebook

Tiktok gave a defiant response to Facebook trying to imitate it. As Tiktok vs Facebook memes increased, companies worth billions of dollars challenged each other.

Announcing that it will change its algorithm to resemble TikTok, the answer to Facebook came from a senior TikTok manager. According to the TikTok official, such a thing is not possible because even Facebook and TikTok are not the same.

TikTok Threatens Facebook Trying to Copy Itself

We mentioned that Facebook will change its algorithm to resemble TikTok and focus on features similar to TikTok. Now, there has been a new development on this issue. Blake Chandlee, who transferred to TikTok after spending 12 years on Facebook, explained in an interview with CNBC why Facebook cannot do such a thing.

According to Blake Chandlee, Facebook is literally a social platform. TikTok is not like that. Expressing that their aim is just entertainment, the TikTok manager says that all of Facebook’s competence and everything it has done so far is socially appropriate. So, according to him, it is not possible for Facebook to even try to be like TikTok. Because the two platforms are not in the same lane. “Facebook is a social platform. They built all their algorithms based on social graphs. That’s their core competency. It’s not ours,” Chandlee said. used expressions.

According to the TikTok executive, Facebook will be in serious trouble if it tries to emulate TikTok. Because the service provided by Facebook to both daily users and professional businesses is not comparable to TikTok. Chandlee states that if Facebook is similar to TikTok, it will not be able to meet the needs of both its customers and daily users, and this will negatively affect the user experience. “We are an entertainment platform. This difference is important. A huge difference…” said TikTok manager, saying that Facebook and TikTok do not serve the same purpose.

Blake Chandlee, who transferred to TikTok after spending 12 years on Facebook, does not take the statements very seriously and does not think that Facebook will change its algorithm to resemble TikTok. “We are really good at what we do. We uncover cultural trends and this unique experience people have on TikTok. Chandlee says that he will have to break with the essence of Facebook. We’ll see what happens together…

The Power of Tiktok Enthusiasm Excited Everyone

The success of Tiktok, the social media platform that is popular among young people and has produced the most influencers in recent years, has begun to be imitated by many social media companies. Especially after Instagram developed an algorithm similar to Tiktok, Facebook is trying to get among them.

According to 2021 data: The company announced that it has more than one billion active monthly users all over the world. It was noted that the monthly active users of the application in August 2021 increased by 25 percent compared to the same month just a year ago.

The number of users in Tiktok continues to grow day by day. Millions of people produce and watch content to entertain themselves on Tiktok.

How many people are using TikTok by 2022?

According to the figures announced by the company, which was known as eMarketer in the past and now referred to as Insider Intelligence, TikTok; It reached 59.8% growth in 2020 and is expected to reach 40.8% growth in 2021. In the company’s statement, it is shared that TikTok can reach 755 million monthly users by 2022.

According to the latest data of the internet and social media analysis company “We Are Social”, TikTok has 26.5 million users from Turkey, with more than 1 billion monthly active users worldwide.

According to Statista data:In September 2021, social video app TikTok reported 1 billion monthly active users worldwide, representing a 45 percent growth compared to the previously reported 689 million MAU in July 2020. TikTok is one of the largest social networks worldwide.

While numerous Chinese applications have neglected to prevail beyond China, most eminently Tencent’s WeChat, TikTok figured out how to drive itself into the abroad market through the securing of Musical.ly in November 2017 for $1 billion. This additional 80 million clients, generally in the US, which TikTok then imported to its own foundation.

From that point, TikTok gathered momentum into the most well known application in 2019 and 2020. It was downloaded 693 million times in 2019 and 850 million times in 2020. Despite the fact that it just sent off in 2017, TikTok was the seventh-most downloaded application of the 2010s, and seems to be a genuine contender against Facebook’s hold on person to person communication in the West.

Indeed, even with this heavenly development, TikTok has confronted a few discussions. In 2019, India and Pakistan restricted it for “ethical quality issues”, with the two boycotts being cancelled sooner or later. India restricted the application again in June 2020, alongside a spate of other Chinese-based applications, as pressures among China and India elevated.

TikTok key statistics

  • TikTok generated an estimated $4.6 billion in revenue in 2021, up 142% year-on-year.
  • TikTok had 1.2 billion monthly active users in Q4 2021 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022.
  • More than 600 million daily users access TikTok in China
  • TikTok has been downloaded over three billion times
Launch dateSeptember 2016 (China); September 2017 (International)
HQBeijing, China
PeopleLiang Rubo (ByteDance CEO), Shouzi Chew (TikTok CEO), Vanessa Pappas (TikTok COO)
Business typePrivate, subsidiary
IndustrySocial networking

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What is TikTok’s global internet penetration?

TikTok is utilized by 18% of worldwide web clients matured 16 to 64 (GlobalWebIndex)

What nations is TikTok generally famous ready?

Beyond China, TikTok’s biggest business sectors are the US, Indonesia and Brazil

What number of clients did TikTok have in India before it was prohibited?

TikTok had 190 million clients in India, making it the application’s second biggest market behind China

How frequently has TikTok been downloaded?

TikTok arrived at 3 billion downloads in June 2021. It was the seventh-most downloaded application of the 2010s (Data.ai)

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