Tatyana Makarenko says that she has not done sports for two years

Tatyana Makarenko said that she has not done sports for two years and is trying to hide her abdominal area.

She hasn’t been doing sports for two years, but she’s not afraid to reveal her belly! What do you think, can a sexy beauty still afford that?

Taťána Makarenko, 33, head of the Czech Republic beauty pageant, celebrated her 33rd birthday on October 1. And she still has the same figure she earned points in beauty pageants years ago. She proves this with sexy outfits where she usually flaunts her curves.

Tatyana went to a party organized by her friend Natalia, who also came from Ukraine. She came out with a model that revealed her tummy. And, as she admits, she is surprised that her body is in good shape, even though she hasn’t done anything about it for almost two years.

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“There is so much work there is no time to exercise. I used to be on a diet but now I have such a fat stomach that it’s impossible. Of course I can see the changes in my body, but I’m so glad you didn’t,” Super .cz Tatán said. with her smile.

Model Mariana Bečková has been competing for three weeks at the Miss Grand International pageant in Indonesia. And among the big favorites to win. Already today in Jakarta, the competition, which is among the five biggest beauty pageants in the world, will decide which beauty will be the beauty queen. 6.5 million fans follow the competition on Instagram alone.

“Mariana has already scored twice at the Miss Grand. The Top 10 Swimwear and National Costumes Contest have been announced. Mariana was in both tens. She was also selected by the management from among the five girls presenting this year’s broadcast on Indonesian television. She went to Indonesia to support Mariana. said Super.cz, manager of Ms. Czech Republic Taťána Makarenko (33) flying.

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“The fans love her here. I believe in Mariana and I sincerely hope that she will get into the top 5 and bring her crown to the Czech Republic. She definitely has. I’m proud of her, she’s great,” added Makarenko. .

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