Tattoos and results after Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley Fight

Jake Paul crushed Tyron Woodley by split choice: full battle results from Sunday’s Showtime PPV.

Web-based media star Jake Paul crushed previous UFC welterweights champion Tyron Woodley on Sunday night on a Showtime PPV by means of split choice. Paul made a couple of hard efforts however generally was the attacker in the session. Woodley required a quick rematch yet Paul said he “got his opportunity.”

Likewise on the card: Unified featherweight champion Amanda Serrano crushed Yamileth Mercado by consistent choice, rising UK heavyweight star Daniel Dubois fiercely took out Joe Cusumano and the Tommy Fury won his U.S. debut by unanimosu choice.

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Jake Paul was delegated as the champ and Tyron Woodley was approached to get the ‘I Love Jake Paul’ tattoo. However, did the UFC star get it yet?

Tyron appeared to be certain that he could remove the “undefeated” title from Jake. Nonetheless, partially through the battle, a few watchers appeared to be sure that the YouTuber had stowed one more win.


According to Tyron’s most recent’s tweet, he hasn’t gotten the tattoo. In any case, we will not be astonished in the event that he got it in the coming days.

On August 30, Jake tweeted the conditions that Tyron would need to follow assuming he needed a rematch. His tweet read: “Tyron’s tattoo rules: 1. 3×2 creeps no less than 2. Can’t get it covered 3. Long-lasting 4. Should post via online media 5. Must be apparent with shorts and shirt on.”

To this, Tyron answered: “Send the agreement child. Daddy will put your name close to the entirety of my different children.” The arrangement about getting a tattoo was consistently on the cards. In any case, fans were addressing how genuine it was.

Taking a gander at this, it seems like Tyron will wouldn’t fret getting a tattoo if that implies he can battle Jake again in the coming months.


Months before the dates for the occasion were affirmed, Tyron and Jake continually talked about winning the battle. At the point when the occasion at long last occurred, a few fans were left frustrated.

Watchers believed that the battle was manipulated and offered similar viewpoints on Twitter. Indeed, it didn’t take long for web-based media clients to think of images identified with the occasion.

To add to this, fans were disturbed that they didn’t will see a knockout. By and large, the battle left many fans upset and it appears as though Jake and Tyron should try sincerely on the off chance that they plan on battling by and by.

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Jake Paul open to Fury battle

After his success over Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul started focusing on what could be straightaway. A choice is Tyson Fury’s relative Tommy, who battled on the undercard the previous evening. The two warriors got into it toward the night’s end.

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