Tash Peterson raided a French fashion store with a bottle of blood

Vegan activist Tash Peterson raided the world-famous leather brand with thong and blood! Her protest was resounding and social media started to support many Vegan women.

Tash peterson raided a french fashion store with a bottle of blood 4 gmspors

Tash Peterson, who managed to make a name for herself with her social media posts about animal rights and her protests to promote vegan nutrition, this time had a world-famous leather brand on target. The vegan activist’s protest as she spilled the blood-like liquid on the floor of the store frightened tourists and shoppers, and was eventually asked to leave the store.

Renowned animal rights activist Tash Peterson has chosen the store of a world-renowned leather brand to celebrate the anniversary of her “strongest protest” with another resounding action. The 28-year-old phenomenon entered the store with a thong and a bottle of blood in her hand. The action of the young woman, who covered her whole body with a liquid resembling blood, frightened those around her.

Tash peterson raided a french fashion store with a bottle of blood 3 gmspors

Vegan activist Tash Peterson organized an interesting action

The social media phenomenon managed to find wide coverage in the international press with its obscene demonstrations to protest the torture of animals. Finally, he attracted new attention by walking to the luxury French fashion house in Melbourne, Australia. Peterson, who went upstairs to the store, poured the blood-like liquid from the bottle in her hand onto the floor of the store. At the same time, she listened to the sounds of animals dying in pain from the tape he brought with him.

β€œIt kills cows, sheep, goats, crocodiles, snakes, foxes, minks, ducks and geese,” Peterson protested. They kill baby lambs and turn their skins into leather jackets. Fashion has blood on its hands, and so do you if you’re not vegan. The fur, leather, wool, feathers, scales and silk industries harass, torture and kill animals.” continued with her words.

Tash peterson raided a french fashion store with a bottle of blood 2 gmspors

Peterson, who shoppers prefer to watch from afar, said, “They are fighting for their lives until their last breath in the name of clothing fashion. We do not need to contribute to this. If you are not vegan, you are an animal abuser.” She ended her protest with her words. The vegan activist was removed from the store by the security forces.

Who is Tash Peterson?

Tash peterson raided a french fashion store with a bottle of blood 1 gmspors

A 28-year-old woman who is known as a vegan advocate and declared war on the fashion world. Tash Peterson has come to be seen as a major advocate and fighter for Veganism. On social media, people both criticize and praise her behavior.

Ms Peterson, a disputable figure known in WA for holding realistic and fierce basic entitlements fights including counterfeit blood and bareness, has left that state subsequent to being restricted from all authorized settings under Section 115AA(2) of the Act. The boycott incorporates eateries, bars, clubs, bars, authorized occasions, and alcohol stores.

Famous Australian vegetarian dissident Tash Peterson has raged a Louis Vuitton store for the second year straight, covering herself in counterfeit blood trying to ask clients from purchasing creature items.

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