Tania Ayu Siregar’s Profile, Celebrity & Magazine Model

Indonesian origin model Tania Ayu Siregar became the cover girl of magazines with her pink bikini.

Since she decided to move her career into the acting world, Tania Ayu Siregar’s profile has been highly sought after by netizens across the country.

Below is Tania Ayu Siregar’s profile which provides complete information on artists, celebrities and adult magazine models from religion, age to her social media accounts.

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  • Full Name: Tania Ayu Siregar
  • Date of Birth: January 31, 1994
  • Age : 28 years old
  • Religion: Islam
  • Profession: Actress, Model, Celebrity, Youtuber
  • Success : 3rd Place Female Popular Party 4 Pioneer DJ Hunt
  • Instagram : @taniaayusiregarofficial

Tania Ayu frequently showcases her photos in sexy poses on her Instagram account. She is known to be a professional adult magazine model and has been in that world for a long time.

Tania Ayu’s alleged involvement in online prostitution began when she was arrested by the West Java District Police. The model was detained at a hotel in the Bandung district in December 2020.

The TA artist’s role in the online prostitution case has finally been revealed. This 30-year-old woman has apparently never run such an illegal business.

The TA artist revealed that he has been involved in online prostitution since 2017. It was recorded that at least a dozen people received services from this 30-year-old woman.

It was also revealed that the fees TA artists received in their online prostitution business were also revealed. For a short time he will get Rp 30 million and for a long time the price will rise to Rp 70 million.

In order to have sex, the model will ask her clients to clean themselves by showering beforehand.

Tania Ayu, once active as a DJ, is now focusing on being an actress. Besides this woman of Batak and Javanese descent, she starred in a number of movies with well-known stars such as Marriage Proposal, Underage and Crazy Stupid Love.

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