Tana Mongeau makes millions thanks to Onlyfans

Tana Mongeau is one of the phenomena who managed to earn millions of dollars thanks to Onlyfans. Tana is one of the hottest girls on social media and is friends with popular Youtubers like Jake Paul.

It was noteworthy that Tana Mongeau said she earned $6 million on Onlyfans while reading the second account.

Tana Mongeau, the discussion ridden YouTube narrator, is expanding on her OnlyFans realm.

The 24-year-old reported on Twitter that she’s making a second OnlyFans account after her most memorable record has procured her $6 million. Last week, Mongeau shared a photograph of a custom made grant given to her by her virtual entertainment showcasing organization, Unruly, to praise the accomplishment.

“It’s a membership based stage with an unscripted TV drama style episode one time per week,” Mongeau made sense of her impending second OnlyFans account. “We should simply say in the event that I at any point have a sex tape, this is where I’d put it. The entirety of the vomiting, swearing, drinking, dick-sucking, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ponder a video blog yet totally uncensored.”

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Tana Mongeau panicked by blade employing stalker

Tana Mongeau has recruited full-time security after a stalker purportedly appeared external her Los Angeles home furnished with blades.

The 24-year-old YouTube sensation — who is presently one of OnlyFans’ top workers, rounding up a cool $10 million of every two years — made the startling confirmation in a meeting on Bradley Martyn’s “RawTalk” digital broadcast on Tuesday.

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“At the present time, I have an out and out stalker,” the celebrity expressed, saying the man originally reached her over the supporters just site.

Mongeau didn’t unveil whether she knew the man’s name, yet guaranteed he sent chilling recordings of himself remaining external her home “with blades.”

The stalker likewise began barraging the web-based entertainment sensation with unequivocal nudes. Said Mongeau, “He was sending me recordings of his d-k — most terrifying d-k I’ve at any point found in my life.”

The diva says she has now employed full-time security to screen her LA home however didn’t say whether police have been helping her for the situation.

Last year, Mongeau stood in opposition to a stalker named “William,” despite the fact that it is hazy whether the most recent blade wielder is a similar man.

Were Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau Actually Married?

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Jake Paul has turned into an entirely unexpected individual than he was the point at which he was dating an individual YouTuber, Tana Mongeau. The two began standing out when they were going back in April 2019. The two were together for a really long time, transferring charming pictures and investing some quality energy in various areas. Tragically, they agreeably separated in January 2020.

As per reports, the couple wedded on July 28, 2019, only three months after they began dating. It was fast. Nonetheless, later things changed. Mongeau transferred a video on December 29, 2019. In the video, she focused on her continuous relationship with Jake Paul.

She said, “The second Jake, and I got hitched, I simply feel like everything changed. I don’t fault Jake, I believe that the subsequent he said, ‘I do to me, he sort of intellectually was very much like, ‘Presently what?’ I think he intellectually was ready to move on and not look back. I don’t fault him, however it left me sticking, attempting to make this work.”

Tana Mongeau uncovers unnerving OnlyFans stalker visited her home with blades

Tana mongeau makes millions thanks to onlyfans 1 gmspors

Online entertainment star Tana Mongeau uncovered that she has a stalker from OnlyFans, who figured out her location, compromised her with blades, and sent express messages to her.

Albeit essentially a YouTube star, Tana is currently inconceivably famous on OnlyFans. Recently, in March 2022, Tana affirmed that she had acquired $10m since joining the stage in May 2020.

It’s not all been daylight and rainbows, however, as she has uncovered that being on the stage has brought about her getting a stalker, turning into a real reason to worry.

She drilled down into her OnlyFans stalker and the crazy lengths he will get to her.

Tana joined OnlyFans in May 2020 and has made significant progress similar as Bella Thorne, Bhad Bhabie, Tyga and the sky is the limit from there.

She’s acquired $10 million since joining the stage a long time back.

Regardless of the huge check, following and flourish from her OnlyFans supporters, the 24-year-old is being confronted with a sorted out stalker where she resides.

Tana likewise shared a response from her ex Bella Thorne, who DMed her in a reaction to one of her Instagram stories, saying, “just 10 factory?”

Tana has been quite possibly of the most famous lady on the web for quite a while. She began to explode on YouTube soon after she initially began her direct in 2015 and presently, at the hour of composing, she has amassed north of 5 million endorsers and millions additional across different stages like Instagram and TikTok.

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