Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato’s kissing video goes viral on tiktok

Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato’s kissing video went viral on TikTok with over 6.8 million views.

Social media phenomenon Tana Mongeau does not miss the opportunity to kiss a girl again. Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato went viral on Tiktok with an important kissing video with their tongues sticking out.

Tana mongeau and demi lovatos kissing video goes viral on tiktok gmspors

Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato’s most recent TikTok video has stunned numerous as the pair were spotted kissing.

The lively video was posted by Tana on her TikTok and in no time, the little scrap grabbed the eye of many. At the hour of composing, it has timed more than 5,000,000 perspectives.

Demi is yet to end her quietness, however Tana has answered to a portion of the fan remarks.

24/7 Behind the Scenes Tana Mongeau Demi Lovato


how we are off camera 24/7 @ddlovato

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On August 7, Tana transferred a TikTok that included Demi. The pair were going to Paris Hilton’s gathering.

The video begins with Demi setting a kiss on Tana’s cheeks, however it before long turns into a bit more energetic with their tongues. The YouTuber transferred the clasp, labeled Demi and subtitled it as: “How we are off-camera all day, every day.”

It didn’t take long for individuals to begin remarking on the post.

One client expressed: “That is sufficient of Disney, Tana.” To this, she answered: “omg.” The client was alluding to Tana’s phony union with Jake Paul that before long reached a conclusion.

In the mean time, another client inquired: “how did this pair even become.” To this, Tana answered: “the second we met a long time back we knew bby.”

Fans reaction to Tana Mongeau Demi Lovato’s kiss

The video, typically, has left fans paralyzed and a few group can’t quit discussing it.

“Why did I just see tana Mongeau sticking her tongue down demi Lovato’s throat, while another added: “Now I just KNOW I did NOT just see DEMI LOVATO and TANA MONGEAU KISS.”

“Stop I know we all want demi to be with a woman but tana ain’t it,” wrote another.

The video also sparked speculation that the two might be together. However, Demi’s fans were quick to turn this off. Meanwhile, the YouTuber’s fans reminded others that Tana is currently dating musician Chris Miles.

Paris set up a gathering after the arrival of her Netflix show, Cooking with Paris. Aside from Tana and Demi, popular characters like Paula Abdul, Paris Jackson, Kat Graham and Nikita Dragun among others were available.

Paris even shared a progression of pictures from the occasion. Her Instagram subtitle read: “I had the best time debuting my new series with loved ones!”

Cooking with Paris is at present spilling on Netflix.

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