Suzy Cortez claims Pique harassed her constantly

After Gerard Pique and Shakira’s separation became official, Brazilian model Suzy Cortez said: “Pique was one of many Barcelona players who texted me.” said.

Suzy Cortez, Miss BumBum, assures Piqué harassing her: “Shakira didn’t deserve this”

She stated that Brazilian model Gerard Piqué asked her about her body and did not mention it because she was “sorry for Shakira”.

Suzy cortez claims pique abused her 5 gmspors

Suzy Cortez: Pique texted me a lot

Gerard Pique, who plays for Barcelona, ​​and the famous singer Shakira announced that they have decided to end their 12-year relationship in an official statement yesterday.

In the separation statement made by Shakira’s communication agency; “We regret to confirm that we have parted ways. We expect our privacy to be respected for the welfare of our children, which is our top priority.” expressions were used.

The couple, who met during the World Cup held in South Africa in 2010 and have been together for 12 years, have two children named Milan(9) and Sasha(6).

Spanish media reported that Pique was dating a blonde woman in her 20s who worked as an event hostess.

It is stated that the cheating incident took place when Shakira went to Ibiza for a vacation with her children.

Suzy cortez claims pique abused her 2 gmspors

“I kept quiet out of respect for your relationship with Shakira”

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez, who is famous for often posing in Messi’s jersey, made striking confessions about the Spanish star after Shakira and Pique broke up.

Suzy Cortez made a statement to the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario NY; “Up until now I kept quiet out of respect for Shakira and their relationship, but now I want to talk. Pique was one of the many Barcelona players who texted me. I have never received any messages from Messi or Coutinho who played for that team. They are loyal to their wives but Pique texted me a lot. Shakira didn’t deserve this.” said.

Known as ‘Miss Bum Bum’ in Brazil, Cortez; “When I got back to Brazil, she was texting me asking when I would be back in Europe. She was deleting her texts every day. Shewas sending me messages saying how beautiful my hips were. She said she was jealous of my nude photos wearing Messi’s jersey.” she said.

Suzy cortez claims pique abused her 4 gmspors

Did Gerard Piqué send photos and videos to Susy Cortez?

The so-called ‘muse of Barcelona’ Susy Cortez also revealed to Brazilian portal Jovem Pan that Gerard Piqué offered to pay for a trip to Europe to drink wine together, describing her insistence as harassment.

I was like, “Man, you’re married.” “Respect your family,” he said.

When I won the World Cup, Miss BumBum said that my butt was the best in the world and she wanted to have the opportunity to see it up close. This is bullying.”

At another point she explained: “She sent me photos that I didn’t open, but I could see they were naked.” Pique was very disrespectful to me. At the time, I didn’t speak because I felt sorry for Shakira. “I didn’t want to destroy a family,” he said.

Suzy cortez claims pique abused her 3 gmspors

How did Susy Cortez meet Gerard Piqué?

Due to the controversial breakup between Shakira and Piqué, Susy Cortez decided to speak to ‘El Diario NY’, who she stated was only getting annoying messages from the football player. According to the model, she met him through the head of Barcelona.

“I was a friend of Sandro Rosell, the former president of Barcelona. When Piqué found out she asked for my number and she texted me,” she said.

Why didn’t Susy Cortez say anything this time?

According to the Playboy bunny, she chose to remain silent to avoid discussion. However, the Spanish football player came out to talk about her experiences over the rumors about the alleged cheating.

She assures Shakira that she doesn’t deserve any of what she’s been through. Currently, she and the FC Barcelona defender have not made any statement about the alleged separation.

Suzy cortez claims pique abused her 1 gmspors

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