Support for the TikTok shutdown campaign is pouring in

On social media, support is pouring in for the campaign to shut down TikTok. Many people drew attention to the posts advocating that Tiktok should be closed.

The issue of shutting down TikTok on Twitter was on the agenda. Users took action against TikTok.

TikTok has gained popularity among social media platforms in a short time. TikTok, which left most social media platforms behind with its short-form video format, has also allegedly become quite dangerous for young people.

Launched in 2016, the Chinese app soon became popular around the world. The application, which is especially interested in young people, is on the agenda from time to time with its different trends. There have been people who have died to be included in some movements, including our country. In Italy, a little girl died while performing a drowning challenge.

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TikTok shutdown campaign launched

After the damage caused by the popular challenges in the TikTok application, some families launched a “Turn off TikTok” campaign on Twitter. This campaign was also supported by famous names. Allegedly, TikTok shows videos that contain anti-vaccine and misleading information about Covid-19 to children under the age of 13. Previously in the app “Slap your teacher!” the current had begun. Reactions to this trend began to come in a short time.

Recently, an 18-year-old high school student battered a 64-year-old physically disabled English teacher and uploaded the video to TikTok. After that, the reactions to the application began to increase. Action was taken against the practice on the grounds that it misled the society and had negative effects especially on young people. In China, even restrictions were imposed on the application. It is claimed that TikTok is also deliberately slow to remove such videos.

The number of people who argue that TikTok should be closed continues to increase day by day. Especially families claim that their children are now mentally injured.

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