Sugar Mama Trend Is Growing Fast On Tiktok

Interesting trends continue to emerge in social media by users. Now, videos of the Sugar Mama trend on Tiktok are rapidly getting millions of views.

A woman on Tiktok makes a young man do whatever she wants, for which she pays 15 pounds. Here is the video of that middle-aged woman on tiktok, which soon became the agenda.

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After the “Sugar Daddy” trend, which envisages living together with old men in exchange for money, now the “Sugar Mama” trend has erupted. A woman named Julie said she paid a young man £15,000 to do whatever he wanted.

The “Sugar Dadyy” trend, which has recently spread among young people and emphasized the economic dimensions in relationships, has been reversed this time. 44-year-old TikTok user Julie told her social media account that she lived with her boyfriend 15 years younger than her.

A woman named Julie stated that she is a “Sugar Mama” and that she is paid a monthly salary of 15,000 pounds in exchange for her boyfriend’s wishes.

Sugar mama trend is growing fast on tiktok 1 gmspors

The woman stated that her boyfriend met all his needs and that there is no problem in their relationship at the moment. Julie stated that her boyfriend lowered his salary when he missed some things. For this reason, the man who forgot to clean the pool recently received a missing salary.

Stating that her boyfriend was mistaken for her son, Julie said, “People who see us think it’s mother and son. When they learn the truth, they are shocked. Moreover, those who hear that I pay him a salary think it’s crazy.”

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