Stuart Damon, American actor famous for his roles in General Hospital and The Champions

Stuart Damon stars in the ABC soap opera General Hospital and Port Charles as Dr. He was once a Broadway singer who played Alan Quartermaine.

Stuart Damon, one of the stars of General Hospital, which has been going on for 58 years, has passed away.

Stuart Damon, most popular for his Decades at General Hospital, Dies at 84… Emmy-winning entertainer Stuart Damon is the most notable in many years.

STUART Damon, who has kicked the bucket matured 84, was an American entertainer most popular to British watchers for his job in ITC’s 1968 series, The Champions. On his home turf, nonetheless, he is related for his epic spell in the clinical based TV cleanser, General Hospital (1977-2013).

In The Champions, Damon played Craig Stirling, one of three spies working for the Geneva-based Nemesis association. When Stirling and his accomplices Sharron Macready, played by Alexandra Bastedo, and Richard Barrett, played by William Gaunt, are shot down over the Himalayas, their Tibetan friends in need gift them clairvoyant forces, additional strength and increased tangible abilities.

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Stuart Damon passed away

Playing the character of Alan Quartermaine, one of the most watched TV series of a period, in General Hospital, Dr. Stuart Damon passed away at the age of 84.

In the news reported by Haber Global, the death of Damon, who won fans in many countries of the world with the character of Alan Quartermaine, which he played for 30 years, caused great sadness.

“He was a great actor and a great person,” Frank Valentini of the General Hospital team told USA Today.

Speaking to ABC News 7, Damon’s family announced that the famous actor had been struggling with kidney failure for several years.

He started acting in the General Hospital series in 1977. He received 7 awards for this role he played for decades.

He said goodbye to the legendary series in 2007 when his character died of a heart attack.

Stuart DamonDr. portrays the character. Although the character Quartermaine died in 2007, she continued to appear in dream scenes or as a ghost in various episodes of the series until 2013.

General Hospital, a soap opera, began airing on April 1, 1963 and has been on ABC for 58 seasons. It is the second longest running TV series in the US and the third longest running in the world.

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