Stephen Ireland at Manchester city practice with her interesting car

Stephen Ireland once rocked Manchester City practice with pink gears and didn’t think he’d get the backlash from Premier League icon fans.

Previous Manchester City star Stephen Ireland has kidded he didn’t figure there would be as much reaction to his notorious pink wheels.

As a youth at City in 2009, Ireland once shook up to City preparing in a dark Reach Wanderer decked out with pink wheels. Addressing Ladbrokes: Fanzone, Ireland said: “Individuals generally get some information about that dark Reach Wanderer with the pink wheels.

Stephen ireland at manchester city practice with her interesting car

“It’s totally mental, I’m continually inquired as to whether I actually have it. It was something like quite a while back, obviously I don’t! Yet, the story behind it is straightforward; that was really my significant other’s vehicle. I had a white Reach Meanderer and she had a dark one with those now-scandalous wheels.”

The Plug local proceeded: “I was late for preparing subsequent to returning from a flight one day, and her vehicle was left at Manchester Air terminal, so the arrangement was for her to get a taxi home and I’d bring the vehicle into preparing.

“I think we arrived at something like 8am and I must be in preparing for 9 or 9:30am, so I was overreacting a little about turning up late. Thus, normally, I simply bounce in her vehicle and went to Carrington for preparing.

“As I pulled up, I simply see a heap of paparazzi outside, and I’m thinking ‘good gracious… what are they doing here on today of all days…I didn’t anticipate that it should fly off the handle as it did…to me, I was very much like, what’s up with the vehicle?!”

Ireland was Manchester City’s player of the year in 2009, however neglected to satisfy his true capacity at the Etihad and left in 2010 for Aston Estate, where he turned into a Chief Association standard, before a transition to Stir up City during the 2010s.

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The Republic of Ireland global at last withdrew Stir up in 2018, when he moved to Bolton, nonetheless, he left in December without making a first-group appearance and chose to hang up his boots.

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