Stephanie Claire Smith 30 day sex challenge

During a long relationship, it can often be easy for them to lose the spark that initially brought them together. Many couples try different methods to get it back. Stephanie Claire Smith, a podcast host and fitness phenomenon, has also found a way to rekindle her relationship with her husband. Explaining that they will start a 30-day sex struggle, the young woman explained the details.

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Fitness phenom Stephanie Claire Smith surprised everyone with her preferred method to restore the former vitality of their relationship with her husband, Josh Miller. Explaining that they started a 30-day sex struggle to rekindle their marriage during a podcast, the young woman shared her experiences about the struggle.

Stating that they are on the 13th day of this 30-day initiative, Smith said that they both saw this struggle on the internet, but it was his wife who offered to try it. Stating that the main purpose of the struggle is to keep the intimacy alive, the young woman said that the purpose is not sex, but it requires a contact beyond kissing.

The 28-year-old phenomenon stated that the struggle is not easy and the hardest part is finding time. There were nights when it felt like a total duty, Smith said, and there were days when they had to have sex even after arguing.

Stephanie said she noticed that their lives became so much better when she and her husband took time to be alone with them. “So I think it’s a bit like a reset for us,” explained the young woman, who said they got along better, were cuter throughout the day, and treated each other better.

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