Stephanie Baessler and her twin sister are among the important models of Instagram

Instagram model Stephanie Baessler and her twin sister are quite remarkable with their social media posts.

Stephanie Baessler and Julia Bassler are among the influencers who are not recognized as twin sisters among Instagram models.

Julia Bässler often shares her swimsuit fashion style on Instagram and her fitness and physical development on social media.

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Brothers Stephanie and Julia Baessler became known for paying for their school fees by posting photos on social media.

Stephanie and Julia Baessler, who studied law at the University of Vienna, have already gained close to 200 thousand followers thanks to their posts.

Stephanie Baessler and Julia Baessler say that before they became popular, they paid a lot of attention to healthy living and regular nutrition.

The twin brothers, who do a lot of sports to stay fit, are also appreciated for the selfies they take.

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Baessler Twins: Confident in couples

Baessler Twins is among the most successful internet exports in Austria. The twins from Weinviertel inspire hundreds of thousands of fans on Instagram every day. Above all, Julia and Stephanie Baessler want to convey confidence.

The two identical twins also look confusingly similar. Only hair color – Julia is blond, Stephanie is brunette – distinguishes them. Especially on Instagram, 29-year-olds regularly flaunt their perfectly trained bodies.

You can see photos of the twins in swimsuits, underwear, travel or workouts. It would be too easy to reduce the twins to their appearance alone. Julia and Stephanie have a tough road behind them. As teenagers they were anorexic and their health was on the brink.

“We had big problems with our eating habits back then, we were very skinny, and then we decided we wanted to work out a little bit more, get stronger and build muscle,” says Stephanie. Then we started to share our achievements on social media.”

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Social media stars with sports and your own fashion

Sports was a turning point for the youth of the time. They started their social media careers seven years ago. “We were both very insecure and our goal was to be more confident. Sports helped us a lot. It also helped us to capture our progress in the photos we shared online,” says Julia.

In 2019, the Baessler Twins finally designed their first bikini collection. This was followed by underwear and leggings. The twins love to showcase their fashion on Instagram, and above all, they show how best to show off skinned tights.

Parents and friends say they’re proud of the dual pack’s success. “I think it’s totally different from what you imagined because we started studying law after graduating high school. Our family didn’t expect us to be this big in the social media industry, even with our own fashion line,” says Stephanie.

With more than 450,000 followers Julia trusts on Instagram and more than 360,000 followers on Instagram, the twins are among Austria’s biggest influencers. They perform together as the Baessler Twins.

Their mother is a huge supporter of both. “My mom wears our pants and bikinis,” says Stephanie. And in general, the family is “of course really proud of us”.

The two of them stay in shape with targeted training as well as running in the Weinviertel where they were born and raised. Even though they currently live in Vienna, they love to be at home in Mistelbach, says Julia: “It really feels like home to us and is an important retreat for us.”

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